REX February 2020 Content: Let’s Play the Game!

Up until now, we’ve spent quite a bit of time covering HOW the game of reality works. We’ve dissected in nitty-gritty detail how we can discover what we want and use the feedback that comes up to line up with our desire more and more. We’ve engaged in deep inner work and have begun the process of cleaning out all our dis-empowering belief systems. This is no small feat, as you’ve probably discovered, and you should be incredibly proud of yourself for engaging in this process.

However… it occurred to me recently that I’ve spent a lot of time explaining the game, but not very much time at all encouraging to PLAY the game (2020 is turning out to be all about PLAY for me…). So, this month is going to be different. Instead of focusing on more teaching, we’re going to delve into an experience together. Because, really, nothing provides as much data as an experience. If you’ve never eaten a steak, you can ask someone what it’s like, what it tastes like and what it feels like, all you want. You’ll never REALLY know what it’s like to eat a steak UNTIL YOU EAT A STEAK. So, let’s eat some fucking steak, shall we?

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