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REX February 2021 Content: Exploring Our Values

This last year has been a volatile one for many of us. The whole world was pretty much forced to go inside, literally, but also figuratively. For me, and for many people out there, especially gladiators, these last 12-14 months have been all about deep, inner work, stabilizing our energy, and calibrating our vibration to our source frequency. This has not been an easy journey. It’s the journey to find yourself, to know yourself, who YOU are, and what YOU want. What does your heart say? What does your mind say? How do those two points of view differ? And what is your truth?
This month, I’d like to take you further into this self-exploration, by talking about the concept of values. You may be surprised at how much of this topic overlaps with what you’ve already been working on. But by looking at this work from a different angle, you may well be led to ask yourself new questions and discover new truths about yourself.

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