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REX January 2023 Content: Stop “Asking” For What You Want

My guides have spent years trying to tell me how magnificent I am, how magnificent we all are. They’ve told me that I don’t understand what humans truly are, that I can’t even imagine the power we wield. And they’ve challenged me again and again to accept this premise, to expand my understanding, and to allow myself to explore real power.
And here I was, still playing Oliver Twist, timidly holding up my bowl to get just a little more gruel please.
In that moment, everything stopped. I saw it. I heard it. I understood it (or at least understood it a little more). Stop asking. Stop begging. Stop whining every time you get confused.
I looked back at every successful, conscious manifestation I’ve ever had. Those manifestations where I deliberately chose to bring something about and it happened. I have many, many examples. What did they all have in common?

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