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REX January 2024 Content: How Do You Know Your Guides Aren’t Evil?

What if those of us who receive guidance are being misled and our guides, angels, even relatives, are just demons/evil aliens/something bad in disguise and we’re falling for it? What if the New Age movement, as it’s taught by many, is actually total bullshit that’s just helping people justify their narcissism? What if all New Agey, energy or LOA teachings were actually created to lead us all away from the truth and into corruption?

Are humans inherently good or inherently evil? Are we always being tempted by outside forces, or are we constantly trying to fight our own, base instincts? And how can we ever be sure which is which? The road to hell is paved in good intentions, right? We’ve seen many examples of delusional people who are totally convinced that they’re doing the right thing, while deeply harming even those they purport to love. How can we ever be sure that we’re not doing the same, exact thing?

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