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REX July 2024 Content: Evolution of Power

I’ve recently begun to realize that the REX teachings over the last 2 or so years have been all about evolution. Evolving our journey, our skills, the way we live and interact, the way we manifest, our understanding of the process, reality, the world and ourselves. Although I’ve always been very honest about the fact that I have no plan and really never have any idea what I’m doing, things always make sense in hindsight. And I’m beginning to see the logic, the orchestration, the pattern of the last few years’ teachings. The puzzle pieces are starting to come together for me. I had no idea that we would be evolving the work together; me by channeling, and you by receiving the channeling. But a framework is emerging, an evolution, if you will, that’s clearly meant to prepare us for the new world to come. Today, we’ll be talking about the evolution of power, which will bring together much of what we’ve already learned in a new and elevated way.

I’m always banging on about stepping into your power. But what exactly does this mean? What power? What’s required to step into it? Are there specific skills and lessons we can learn to help us? Hint: yes! What does it mean to see someone else in their power? And what do we need to learn in order to do that successfully?

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