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REX June 2024 Content: Crisis of Faith

Most of us light leaders are being challenged to build our faith muscles. So, by its very design, since faith is about believing something with no evidence or support to help justify this new belief, there will be little or no evidence or support. This is not an easy challenge. In fact, it’s so difficult, we generally have to do this in baby steps.

So, when we do finally manage to turn ourselves around and follow the path of least resistance, when we make choices based on ALL the data instead of just our intellect, when we honor that incredible feedback mechanism we call our intuition, we kind of expect to be rewarded for that. After all, we’ve worked hard, faced our pain, allowed our fears, and plodded our way towards the light, sometimes using the last remnants of our energy to drag ourselves along. And for what? To be sitting there still waiting for that ONE BIG THING we’ve been wanting forever?

This is what we might call a “Crisis of Faith”. This is actually something that happens regularly as we build faith in anything. So, let’s talk about it.

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