REX June 2020 Content: Healing Survival and Trauma

The world is going through some MASSIVE changes lately. I don’t even have to wonder if you’ve noticed, because it just can’t be missed anymore, can it? There’s upheaval, stress, overwhelm and a lot of fear. But there’s also calm, an opening of space, a reshuffling of priorities, courage and a lot of healing. It all depends on where people are at and how empowered they’ve already become. Or, in other words, how awake they already are. Gladiators who have been getting an education for the last few years no longer have to worry about physical survival.

But that doesn’t mean that all survival energy is gone. When we talk about “Survival Energy”, we’re usually talking about the fear of death. But, as you’ll see, it actually goes further than that. What’s more, fears of this nature, powerless energy of this nature, can lead to deep wounds, or trauma. This month, we’re going to be discussing what survival energy is, what trauma is, and how to heal that trauma so we can become much, MUCH more empowered.

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