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REX March 2023 Content: Current Situation – WTF is going on?

Ok, so things are pretty wild right now. It’s March of 2023, and to many, it feels like the world is burning. To others, things seem pretty normal. Sure, loads of people are really upset, but eh. Whatcha gonna do? Life goes on. Most people are somewhere between these two extremes.

You will have your own view of what is going on, and you may have some specific information you’ve discovered about the world in the last few years. I even shared some of my own findings in the Red Pill calls. Depending on what information you manifested, resonated with, and how you digested this information, your understanding of the world may cause you an incredible amount of anxiety, or you may feel more peace than you ever have. Or, like I said, something in between.

No matter which reality someone is in, volatile or peaceful, fully awake or in total denial, there are bound to be a lot of emotions flowing right now.

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