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REX March 2024 Content: Practical 5D: The Higher Self Mindset

In last month’s content, I laid out how the process of manifestation is evolving as we enter into a higher vibrational reality. At the end of that article, I admitted that what I was describing was a pretty advanced way of working. There’s a certain mindset needed for this level of work, and in this month’s content, I’d like to explore and help foster that mindset.

Once this mindset has been achieved, it begins to pretty drastically change how we interact with our reality. In very basic terms, this mindset or perspective is the one of our higher selves. It’s who we are when there are no limiting beliefs, no scarcity, and no fear. It means we’re having fun. We’re not taking things too seriously. We’re in a high, stable vibration. We’re playful and joyful, like a happy shiny puppy. It means that our default response to pretty much any challenging manifestation is that it’s going to be alright. We’re no longer freaking out. We no longer have to work so hard to re-stabilize ourselves and then turn the energy around. It’s not even that we automatically turn it around. We don’t even go to the dark side anymore; we don’t slip into powerlessness anymore. Or, at least, not generally. Of course, we can always still be triggered, but there’s a certain perspective, and one that can be practiced and fostered, that allows for us to have a much more stable and optimistic vibration. We may not know what will happen, we may not know what twists and turns our journey will take, but we hold the knowledge underneath that everything will turn out alright. We’re going to make it. Once we foster this mindset, it makes conscious manifestation, including simply choosing a different frequency and then having that locked in as our resistance releases, so much easier.

So, while we explored this new, evolved, easier and more fluid way of manifesting last month, this month I’m going to present the mindset that makes this way of living possible. And in order to do that, I’m going to take you on a little journey. So, get something to drink, make yourself comfortable, take a few deep breaths, relax and follow me to a different dimension, where practicing this state of being is as easy as playing a game. Are you ready?

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