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REX May 2022 Content: The Game 2.0: Overview and God/Source

In the last REX call, I described a download I’d gotten the night before, but hadn’t really processed yet. So, you got to see me deliver a disjointed yet exciting message that I couldn’t fully put into words. The response, however, was still very positive. It seems you guys love the rabbit hole (sarcastic surprise!). As I’ve been delving deeper into these concepts, I realized that what is being presented to me is a much bigger concept than I realized, and exploring it will take some time. Today, I’ll recap the picture I presented on that call, and will then begin to dissect the first point. Over the next months, we’ll explore this new paradigm together in much greater detail, piece by piece.

The weird thing is that even though this all seems incredibly theoretical and metaphorical (and it is), this new understanding also lends itself to practical application. I’ve been sitting with and playing with these puzzle pieces over the last few months, and I’ve found that my vibration has stabilized even more, I’m carrying more light than ever, and I feel more powerful. This means, less mood swings or tantrums, less moments of “what the fuck is going on?!?!”, more calmness, more compassion, more ability to hold compassion for even those who don’t seem to deserve it. Basically, from what I can tell so far, this is another level of understanding on our empowerment journey.

So, if you’re ready to take that ride with me, get yourself a cup of tea or some chocolate or a nice glass of wine, strap in, hang on and get ready to have your mind deliciously blown. And yes, you can snigger at that. Pun fully intended.

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