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REX November 2021 Content: Discernment: Whom or What to Trust

During these times of massive change, huge vibrational upheaval, and uncertainty, I’ve lately found myself coaching people on one theme over and over again. How can you trust other people? How can you know what’s true? Whether in relationships, where you might have trouble trusting that someone won’t cheat on you, or otherwise have integrity; in your job, where you might not trust that they’ll come through with the raise as they promised; or with political leaders, where you might think you’ve finally found an honest candidate, only to find out he’s just as corrupt as the others once elected. Whom can you trust? Who is telling the truth? And how can you tell what’s true for you?

Of course, we’ve touched on these questions before. It’s about learning to use your discernment, feeling the resonance inside yourself, and not giving your power away. All very nice words, but what does that look like in real life? What if everyone believes one thing, and you seem to be the only one who believes something else? What if, for example, your whole family insists that you were a spoiled and demanding child, but you remember reacting to a lot of pain, barely ever standing up for yourself and being immediately shamed if you ever did so? Is your whole family really gaslighting you? Or is it more likely that you’re just wrong?

These situations can get very complicated. And, in this spiritual time of disclosure, where dark truths of whatever kind are beginning to come to light, and we can really no longer ignore what’s been hiding in our blind spots, we are increasingly being challenged to discern the truth for ourselves from a sea of confusing “facts” and opinions.

How can you tell what’s true? Whom can you trust? Let’s delve deeply into these questions, shall we?

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