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REX October 2021 Content: Dysfunctional Relationships

After our last REX coaching call, and seeing the reactions so many of you were having to the discussion on boundaries within a relationship, I thought I’d make this month’s content about Dysfunctional Relationships. Although, obviously, this will not be a masterclass on all things relationships, I’ve compiled a list of signs that show there’s a major imbalance in your relationship, and therefore obviously, your energy. This should give you a good starting point as to what behaviors and reactions to look for within yourself and your partner, so you can shine a light on them, and do the energy work to clear them. Whenever appropriate, I’ve also included what behaviors or reactions would look like in a healthy relationship in each of these situations.

I hope that this teaching helps to validate you, or trigger some clarity on issues in present or past relationships which may be coming up right now. Remember that all karmic cycles are coming to an end, which means that if you have any unresolved issues, they will be coming up now. There’s no escaping them, so might as well dive in, feel, and release, release, release!

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