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REX October 2020 Content: The Evolution from Dark to Light

Welcome to the October 2020 REX content. This month, we’re continuing with an audio transmission, but taking a new risk, yet again. It was requested that I share my vision of the world to come and what is already happening. I have done this. However, this means that I’ve had to get more specific, and that can lead to people being triggered. Just know that while I have mentioned some of the evidence I’ve manifested of this new world coming together, this is not meant to “prove” anything to you. It’s a vision, backed up by what I see. You have to discern what resonates with you, and find your own path to the light. I hope this message helps you do that.

Oh, and of course it turned into more, so you’re getting the picture of the whole evolution from Dark to Light. Because… why not? Enjoy and THANK YOU for bringing your light to the world!!

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