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REX September 2023 Content: Parallel Lives

Much has been written about Past Lives. Many people firmly believe that our soul is reincarnated into this physical reality, coming back again and again in a linear fashion, and learning lessons as we go. If we did not learn a lesson in the last life, we’ll probably have to learn it in this one. If we did not resolve a fear in the last life, we might carry it forward into this one. When we have fears that we cannot justify through “causal manifestations”, we might explain those fears by assuming they were carried over from a past life. You’re afraid of drowning, even though you’ve never had a scary experience in water? Well, that must be from when you died by drowning in a past life.

Now, I’m not saying that people are wrong to believe in this past life, causal structure. They can believe whatever they want and if it’s helpful to them, then it’s all good. However, I have not received this information in this way, and after engaging with what I have received for some time, I can see that it makes a lot more sense to me this way. We’re really talking about some subtle but significant differences which will make no difference to anyone just starting out on their journey of ascension. As we progress, however, our understanding becomes more sophisticated and at these higher levels, these subtle changes can make all the difference between a concept making perfect sense and making no sense at all.

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