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All of our courses and programs to help support you on your journey. 

Some of these are quick and easy, while others are meant to be a full immersion experience, designed to bring about massive change. 

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3 lessons

This FREE Video COURSE explains WHO you are, WHY you're here, and why you're much more powerful than you may have ever realized.
The world is waking up and you're here to help shape and lead it. Are you ready?

Paid Intro Course


8 lessons

Become a POWERFUL Spiritual Gladiator by waking up to who you truly are, and what you're capable of.
This entry-level course is not theoretical - but will actually give you an experience of your own power (if you do the included exercises).
This course is the FIRST STEP to discovering and remembering how to use the inherent abilities that have always been yours.
Start your journey NOW!

Premium Course

intermediate/ immersion

55 lessons

The most comprehensive education available on the Technology of Reality available today. Learn the skills you need to move into 5D or the "New Earth". With over 50 video lessons (and adding more all the time!), life-time access, a community of like minded powerhouses, and group support from our amazing coaches, you'll feel like you got a Master's Degree in Reality Creation in just a few short weeks! 



content + coaching

Pre-Requisite: LOA Academy

The Post-LOA Academy Support You've been asking for! 

With monthly content to keep taking your education further, as well as regular group coaching calls, and a wonderful, supportive community of like-minded explorers, you'll be able to get all the support you need to keep putting these teachings into practice. 

Wait! What happened to Reality Academy? It's still planned, but I'm not going to list it anymore until the course is ready, because I keep having to change the description. With the energy moving and changing so fast these days, the "advanced" teachings keep getting more advanced before I can fully capture them. I am, however, continuously adding more advanced techniques to LOA Academy, (advanced but not too advanced), so that Reality Academy will truly be an ADVANCED course. I've also been giving my Reality Explorers group regular sneak peeks at this level of content. 

If you have access to the Reality Academy Legacy courses, please go to the Membership Dashboard to access them. 


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