What Exactly is "Energy Coaching"?

Energy Coaching can be an intense experience. One client described it as having gone through “months of therapy in one night”. It can lead to profound shifts and insights in a very short space of time.

Let’s start with what it’s not: Energy Coaching is different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy or counseling, although it does incorporate some of those aspects. It’s not a psychic reading – the coach will not tell you your future or ask your dead grandma where she hid the silver. Everything we do is geared towards helping you step into your power, find your voice, and manifest the life beyond your wildest dreams.

During an Energy Coaching session, the coaches connect with the energy of Who You Really Are (your inner being, your soul, etc.) and translate that energy back to you, so it’s easier for you to hear your own truth. Essentially, we’re like interpreters for the conversation between your higher self and you.

No topic is off limits. And nothing is irrelevant. If it matters to you, it’s important.

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What you'll get out of each session:

  • Simply basking in the energy of Who You Really Are will already create powerful changes. It will also make it much easier for you to connect with and line up with the energy of what you want, as well as identify and release any limiting beliefs that may be getting in the way. Just spending some time with someone holding a higher vibration will allow you to raise your energy significantly.
  • We’ll help you identify your limiting beliefs and shift them (to the degree that you are ready). Because we’re connecting with the energy of your higher self, this is a very focused process, and core issues are identified quickly and without having to relive any of your past trauma in nitty gritty detail. Often, we can just read the energy and tell you exactly what the blockage is.
  • The answers and clarity you receive do not rely on our knowledge or expertise in any given area, but completely on your ability and readiness to hear the solutions. Whatever comes through is always perfect for you. You get exactly what you need and what you’re ready for at the time of the session. The clarity is YOUR manifestation, after all.
  • Communicating with your higher self is a loving, compassionate, and validating experience. Don’t worry about being overwhelmed by the energy. While the shifts can be dramatic, the entire experience is a gentle one. You’ll have an incredible amount of help, both from your coach and from the non-physical. You only ever receive what you are ready for, and we can tone down the energy flow at any time. (It’s never once been requested, though.)
  • Most clients feel lighter and happier immediately after the session and continue to experience shifts afterwards.
  • We will also give you the tools you need to continue the work we did, after the session is over.

Pure and simple, Energy Coaching is a way for you to spend an hour with Who You Really Are, gain access to that wisdom and clarity, and attune to the vibration of the version of you that already has what you want.

Energy Coaching is for you if:

  1. 1
    You feel a deep resonance with this site and the information here.
  2. 2
    You enjoy Melody’s direct, straightforward, no BS approach. Melody’s “tribe” tends to be the same way…
  3. 3
    You’ve made the decision to do what it takes to feel better, even face your fears. (We will help you and make it much easier, but you still have to be willing).
  4. 4
    You understand that in order to make changes in your life, you’re going to have to make changes within yourself.
  5. 5
    You’re ready to do that work.

Energy Coaching is NOT for you if:

  1. 1
    You’re someone who isn’t really interested in making any changes, but is just looking for someone to listen to them talk about their life and the same issues on a weekly basis. There is tremendous value in being listened to, to be sure, it’s just not what we do. In fact, because we’re translating for you, we often end up doing most of the talking.
  2. 2
    You’re severely depressed to a degree that you can't even entertain the idea that you can feel better. In this case, coaching would be too hard-core for you. However, if you're on this website, you're actively searching for answers and help. 
  3. 3
    You don’t believe, even a little bit, that you have the power to create your own reality (even if you don’t know how to do that). This kind of coaching requires that you're able to take responsibility for your choices. If you're not willing to do that, we can't help you. 
  4. 4
    You’re not interested in rapid growth. As you change your energy, your life WILL change. If you find this idea abhorrent, maybe this kind of work isn't for you. 

What You Can Expect from Energy Coaching

You can expect things in your life to change and you should be ready for that. Shifting beliefs and doing energy work carries an enormous amount of leverage with it. When you change your vibration, you can expect to see resulting manifestations in a matter of hours and days . As the ripple effects take hold, you’ll see more and more results as you continue to work with your coach. You can expect a safe, non-judgmental environment. Who You Really Are is pure love. Many people benefit just from feeling that level of pure acceptance.

You can purchase a one-off coaching call or sign up for a monthly subscription (speak to your coach after your first session). The benefit of the monthly subscription (which can be cancelled at any time) is that you’ll always have a guaranteed spot on your coach’s schedule, and have a regularly scheduled appointment each month (twice a month  and weekly appointments available on request). We will support you through whatever changes you’d like to make and we’ve found that regularly scheduled appointments tend to bring the best results.

The speed at which you and your coach will work is entirely up to you. We can’t make you face a fear you’re not ready to face (nor would we try). We will go as quickly or as slowly as your energy allows. While most clients experience major shifts in a very short amount of time, we’ve worked with some clients on one issue for several months (note, these are invariably HUGE issues that affect multiple areas of the client’s life). This is entirely up to you and how big of a change you’re trying to make. Using Melody's Trauma Protocol, we are also able to assist in the healing of childhood sexual abuse and similar traumas, although in these cases, the healing does take longer. 

You and your energy coach can achieve huge shifts together, but the coaching sessions are just the beginning. We’ll be giving you the tools you need to continue the shifts between sessions. This sometimes means homework. Your long-term success depends largely on your willingness to keep practicing these skills and "doing the work" between your sessions. Energy coaching is not a magic pill. We are assisting you on your journey, not "rescuing" you. That being said, this kind of assistance can be extremely powerful. 

Beliefs that can be Shifted with Energy Coaching


Job Performance, Satisfaction and Stress. Are you in the right job? Salary issues, Co-worker issues, boundaries, etc.

Life Purpose

We'll help you identify what it is you REALLY want, instead of chasing what you've been told you should want. 

finding love

Figuring out what kind of partner you want, becoming the person you want to be in a relationship, finding "the one".


All relationship issues: family, friends, partners, spouses. Shift the energy causing negative patterns to happen again and again.

career decisions/changes

Figure out what you REALLY want to do and attract that. 


All illness has an energetic cause. We can help you find it and shift it. (NOTE: We do NOT provide medical advice). 


Shift the Poverty Mindset; grow your business; get the deal. 

(NOTE: We do NOT provide Financial or Investment advice). 


Understand death and the grieving process (it's important!), and get support that actually helps. 

weight loss

Weight is just stored energy. There's always a reason (and it's NOT about the food!)


No matter how wonderful the adopted parents, adoption always leaves a wound. We can help you heal it. 

spiritual growth

All of our work is really about this! We'll channel answers about God, who you really are, what you're here for, etc. directly from source. 

emergency shifting

Have a situation that's imminent? We can help you shift into the right energy state to attract the desired outcome. 

Kudos from our Clients

Melody's enthusiasm and energy shine through the phone wires

Chatting with Melody was a great experience. Her enthusiasm and energy shine through the phone wires and she asks the perfect questions to help you find the answers you need. While she does get a little tough - in that she won't let you get away with a pat or shallow answer - you can tell she really cares and it's not like a dramatic Dr. Phil intervention or anything. It took me a few days to process everything, but once I relaxed and stopped trying to wrest the meaning from every single word, I found myself in the exact situation I needed to illustrate everything perfectly. 100% recommend!


I cannot thank Melody enough for teaching me methods to not just get over my divorce,

but come back stronger and happier than ever. Her intuition helped me get to the root of the issues very quickly and her wit got me there with a smile on my face. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to work through the sticky parts of life. Working with her was the best gift I gave myself.


I Am Much Happier and at Peace

Wow what a different a year makes. Before coaching with Tina, I was very angry, resentful, and exhausted. I was so aggravated with my mother I was about to put my house on the market (my mother lives next door). I was working two jobs and still having trouble making ends meet. In addition, I was having a horrible time dealing with my oldest child. I had been working with LOA for over ten years. Obviously, things were not working for me. I was attracting all the wrong things. In short, I was miserable.

I decided to try a life coach. This was one thing I had not tried. Wow, it worked. I am much happier and at peace. My mother only bugs me a little bit and then only occasionally. My now 15 year old son is a really neat kid. We talk every morning and afternoon on the way home. I was able to afford to quit my second job. I am no longer in credit card debt. I am able to manifest much more consistently. Tina was able to single handedly break all the resentful tapes that were playing in my head. She really helped me so much with forgiveness! With her help, I am in the first phase of operating and owning my own business. This is the hugest thing yet! It didn't happen overnight but it did happen. I am able to manifest much more consistently. I even manifested some pretty clothes :).

Tina is outstanding as a coach. She has endless patience. She is always ready to help take me where I need to go next. She is always there for me when I need her. I can sometimes be needy. Tina will also give me a kick, metaphorically speaking, when I need it. I was really struggling to leave my second job. She really gave me the support to get out of my own way. Tina does a great job giving me the tools I need when I need them. The "homework" I get is spot on to help me get in the direction I need to go. Tina has taught me so much, like everybody is on their own journey, it is not my job to fix everything for everybody, and that vibration matters. She is always there to celebrate with me. Working with her there has been a lot to celebrate. I would certainly recommend Tina as a life coach!

Jennifer Baldwin

Connecting with Melody directly was a completely different level of experience

I very first heard Melody on an interview through the Hayes House summit last year (2015). It's the first time I really heard someone explain exactly HOW to change your vibration. Melody's sense of humor, her approach and the way she has fun with this work kicks up the vibes even more, and isn't that the point!?!? Amazingly gifted in her approach and delivery! I'm so glad she left the corporate world to share with us her wondrous ways! I learned so much from her book, her blog and listening to her coaching calls, however when I had my own session with Melody, I seriously felt the energy around me. It was like over the phone I was getting one huge energetic hug of love from the Universe and Happy Shiny Puppy Mom herself, while she kindly walked with me through the crazy outdated parts of my mind. Connecting with Melody directly was a completely different level of experience. I heard things for myself in ways I hadn't before. Just like the first time I listened to her! I was hoping to be 'called out' (so to speak) on my issues, so I can work through them and grow and I really believe Melody got me there, while being supportive, caring, blunt and freakin' hilarious! I am so looking forward to working with her again once I master what she helped me with today! With Gratitude, Admiration and Love, Thank you Melody.


She truly does get in touch with a person's higher self

I've been following Melody for over a year now. She has helped me so much, in so many ways to take control of my life through her videos and her book. I needed some specific advice for my situation. During my coaching call, she knew exactly what to say and how to phrase it in order to speak to me and touch my soul. She truly does get in touch with a person's higher self. Everything she said described me perfectly! It was uncanny. Melody relays the information the higher self wants you to know in order to take those next big leaps in life to bring a person happiness, peace, and fulfillment. This is what our higher self wants for us! Melody helped me to see where my blocks are, what is holding me back, and what I needed to change in order to move into attracting what I want and manifesting with purpose. She even gave me an exercise I can do that will help me stay on track. I don't want to coast along in life, letting things happen to me. I want to purposefully be in charge of me and manifest what I desire! I'm confident I can do that now, thanks to her help. Melody has a true, raw talent. She is intuitive, insightful, and very funny! I'm a better version of me, and can be true to myself now, thanks to her wisdom and no bullshit methods. Thank you, Melody!!! Xoxo

Carol Zuk

The Absolute Real Deal...

I always eagerly look forward to each and every session with Tina. She makes leveling up so enjoyable, and she has such strong intuitive and spiritual gifts that the messages from your Higher Self come through clearly every time. I leave every session feeling refreshed and optimistic about my abilities as a conscious co-Creator. Having worked with both Tina and Melody, I can say that they are both the absolute real deal. Definitely don't miss the opportunity to step your game up by letting Tina help you access the guidance from your Higher Self.


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