How do I book a coaching call?

Navigate to our Energy Coaching Page, scroll down to choose your coach, and click on the “Book a Session with [coach]” button. This will open their schedule, so you can see if they have an appropriate appointment slot open. Once you choose a time slot, you’ll be asked to pay for the coaching session in order to reserve that spot.

Which Coach should I choose?

You can read more about each coach, by clicking on the “Learn More About [coach]” button in the Meet our Coaches Section of THIS PAGE. If you’re still not sure who would be best to work with, CONTACT US, let us know what issue you’d like to work on, as well as your schedule, and we’ll help you figure it out.

What can I expect from a coaching call?

This depends entirely on what your intention is. After you purchase and schedule your call, you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire pulls you through a process that will help you get clarity on what it is you want help with. Your coach will tailor your session entirely to you and what it is you want. You can simply get clarity on how energy works, on what it is you truly want, what’s standing in the way of your wanted manifestation, and what your current manifestations mean, as well as help shifting your energy to release resistance and align you with the reality of your choice.

If you’re not sure which coach is right for you, please CONTACT US.

Do you do psychic readings? Can you tell me my future?

While we do connect with your energy and can often “read” your issues, we cannot tell you your future. People who offer this service are only able to tap into the possibility that you are MOST aligned with at this moment. Your future is not set in stone, and each decision you make, each thought you think, will alter your future. You decide what your future will be. What’s important is what you do and how you feel RIGHT NOW.

What if I don’t live in the US? Can I still book a coaching call in a different time zone?

Yes! Our coaches are spread over the world in different time zones, so we can usually accommodate your schedule. If you do not see an opening that suits you in the schedule of the coach of your choice, please CONTACT US, let us know your schedule and we’ll do our best to figure it out.

How are the calls conducted? Do I need a subscription to Skype or something?

Calls are generally conducted over ZOOM. You’ll either need to download the Zoom app to your computer or phone, or you’ll be able to dial into the call using just your phone. Calls are generally audio only unless otherwise agreed to in advance.  

Are the coaching sessions recorded? And if so, is my privacy assured?

Yes, all coaching sessions are recorded, unless you request for them not to be. It’s YOUR call. We take your privacy incredibly seriously and have taken all precautions possible. Because of this, we do not store your own private coaching call recordings on our online servers, so they will not be available in your dashboard. You'll be sent the recording vie email after the call is completed. You will have to download your calls to your own devices and store them there.

You have Pre-recorded coaching calls for sale. Will my private coaching call be recorded and sold?

NO! The pre-recorded coaching calls are NOT recordings of private coaching sessions. These calls were offered for free to students for a few years, in exchange for the right to publish the call and assist others with their journey. We are no longer offering this program as we have so many calls on so many different topics. You can peruse the Call Library HERE.

Can't find the answer to your question? Please CONTACT US and we'll get back to you ASAP. 


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