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Lorraine has been with Melody since the beginning. Starting off as a client, Lorraine quickly joined the fledgling business, helping out with admin tasks, including transcribing hours of Melody's content. As such, she knows Melody's teachings better than anyone on this planet. It was inevitable that Lorraine joined Melody's coaching team, offering compassionate, loving and knowledgeable support to students and clients alike. 

Hi, my name is Lorraine Alexander, and I’m a Law of Attraction Coach. Coaching people has been part of my working life for over 15 years, be it in my past corporate job or now as a private coach. I am completely fascinated by The Law of  Attraction and I believe in it 100%. This conscious way of living is wonderful, but not always easy because you are challenged to face your limiting beliefs and release them.  This can sometimes be uncomfortable, but once you’ve released those beliefs – magic happens.

Here’s my story….

I had what I believed to be a normal childhood. From a very early age, I was told I was adopted. This made me feel very special because I knew my parents chose me; they didn’t just end up with me. I was a strong-willed child, who didn’t particularly like being told by adults what I could say and do. I grew up in the - ‘children are seen, but not heard’ era, but as far as I was concerned, I had a voice and I was going to use it. This didn’t always go down well with the adults in my life, but I remember not caring too much about their opinion of me - although, I did care about how much trouble I kept getting into. 

As a teenager I was the same as most people my age. I was discovering my own identity, I was making mistakes, and I was learning how to make my own decisions. I was also rebelling (a lot) against everything that my family stood for. Again, this didn’t always go down well with my parents, but I saw this as my life, not theirs. The battles were immense!

By the time I was 22 I was married with a son. My marriage was a disaster. I wasn’t married to a wonderful, kind, caring, loving man; I was married to someone you wouldn’t wish your worst enemy on. We divorced when my son was 2. It was me and my son against the world, and together, we were a happy family. But I was financially poor. We lived on a not so good estate, my job was demeaning and boring, and my social life was almost non-existent. Making my son’s life rich was all that mattered to me. I desperately wanted a better life for both of us. I knew we deserved a better life, but I had no clue how to get it. I just knew I wanted better for him and for me.

Some years after my divorce I came across Louise L. Hay’s book – You Can Heal Your Life. I read it in one sitting; I couldn’t put it down. I read it once again, and I thought what a great book it was; but I didn’t believe a word of it! I had no evidence in my reality to suggest it could be true.  If what she said was in fact the truth - that we manifest our own reality by releasing negative beliefs and by focusing on what we want - then how did I manifest the reality I was living in?! No way on earth did I consciously choose to live the life I had!!

But, something very odd followed - slowly but surely after reading  Louise's book, my life began to turn around. I manifested a job that allowed me to climb the corporate ladder which then enabled me to move from the estate I was living on when I bought my first house. I was able to buy many luxuries, including great holidays and cars. My son and I had a good social life, and my day-to-day living expenses were easily covered. Plus, I was now able to save money on a regular basis. I also met the man I’m still married to 26 years on.  My confidence and self-esteem skyrocketed, I actually began to like who I was. I even started to love and accept all my perfect imperfections. 

Things were great for many, many years, but I never once put it down to Louise’s book; in fact, I’d completely forgotten about it. I just didn't make the connection between my life turning around and me reading her book.

10 years ago, things started to go downhill. My job, which I had loved for years was now slowly killing my soul. My marriage wasn’t so hot anymore, and my financial stability was being lost. In truth - I felt lost. I was deep into a mid-life crisis. (I have since realized that I was in fact deep into a midlife awakening, but I digress!) After a couple of years of not being happy with most things in my reality, I remembered Louise’s book, and I recalled how things had started to change after I read it. I'd obviously practiced the energy work, and released many of my limiting beliefs more than I thought I had.  Maybe, I remember thinking - there WAS something to this energy work and living consciously after all. So, I searched the Internet to see what was out there, and I came across The Secret. This book left me with more questions than answers! And then… I found Melody and her teachings.

I booked private coaching with Melody, and I was hooked. Melody left me wanting to know more, she left me wanting to dig deeper; she left me wanting to understand The Law of Attraction at a much higher level.  She left me wanting to release more and more of the negative beliefs that were no longer serving me.

I find energy work fascinating!! It gets into my heart and soul; it makes me know without a doubt that we do create our own reality - that our desires can manifest when we learn how to focus our energy for our highest good. 

The Law of Attraction works!! But, is it always easy? Hell no;  but, when you understand why negative emotions and negative manifestations are happening to you,  and you learn how to release the beliefs that aren't serving you - wow; the reality you’ve always wanted hits you.

The Law of Attraction is so much more though than creating stuff - that’s a given - it’s also about what it does to you as a person. All those confidence issues, all those self-esteem issues, all those deep hidden insecure thoughts that you’ve lived with for years - that you have no idea how to change or what they’re even about - they come to the surface, you face them,  you welcome them in, you release them (when you know how to), and you become who you really are. The Law of Attraction makes you shine, it makes you wake up, it makes you proud being YOU, and then you live your life being who you really are. And, there’s nothing better than – living your life being who you really are, and having a reality that makes you do a happy dance.

The reason I now coach people with The Law of Attraction is because I want everyone to experience that way of living too. I want everyone to shine. I want everyone to know how to create their own reality,  how to release beliefs that no longer service them; and I want everyone to experience what they’re here to experience.  I want everyone to be who they really are and to be proud of who they are. I want everyone to know - when you know the power lies within you - you are unstoppable.


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