About Rosie

As is the case with all of our coaches, Rosie joined Melody's world as a student in the very early days. She already brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and when the opportunity to arose to join Melody's team, she was a natural and perfect fit. With a vast collection of energetic tools and methods, Rosie supports her clients through their journey with loving skill. 

I’m Rosie and I’m an intuitive energy coach with Deliberate Receiving/Melody Fletcher. Through coaching I hold space to support people to shift repressed or stuck energy, and to access the higher vibrations in themselves that they’ve been looking for in the outside world. I’ve experienced how transformative this work can be on all levels, from daily emotional experience to ‘impossible’ physical manifestations, and I’m passionate about sharing it with others.

My coaching is motivated by belief in taking full energetic responsibility for ourselves and our manifestations. I believe this, along with improving our relationship to ourselves and the universe, is the route to self-empowerment. When we learn to look inwards rather than to external conditions to feel connected, the illusion of powerlessness and separation drops and our relationship to the rest of the world changes on a fundamental level. True change happens from the inside-out, when life-force energy is aligned and harnessed, and when we are clear about what we really want and don’t want.

I began following Melody’s work soon after experiencing an awakening to spirituality in 2012. This took me from lifelong atheism and secular/rational belief, to the deep-end of spiritual belief over a period of months. For the first few years after this experience, I spent every free moment studying the work of teachers such as Neville Goddard, Florence Scovel-Shinn, Abraham Hicks and countless others. I was also studying a Masters in Philosophy of Art which took me deeper into questions about what is at our Source: of our creativity, our emotions and morals; and what exists beyond our languages and logic. These big questions are what light me up and pull me down the rabbit hole.

Melody’s work supported me massively through this transition into a new ‘logic’. My current logic and rationality understands that we live in a universe that mirrors our energy back to us, and that we can choose to be empowered by working with our emotions. We can shift our energy and perspective to a place where we know that we are fundamentally safe and everything is always happening for us rather than against us.

Over the last several years my passion has been to explore as many types of energy shifting practices, bodywork experiences, ceremonies, healings and channeling practices as I could find. I have experienced my life and identity transform from one full of discomfort and struggle against wherever I was, to one full of trust and manifestations I would never have believed possible. The energy I have shifted in myself has helped me in the process of moving through the disembodied and separate state so many of us live in and slowly return to my intuition and sense of connection to the planet.

In non-spiritual work, I’ve spent a lot of time working with people who are struggling with terminal illness, addiction and complex physical and emotional needs. I feel called to work with the more uncomfortable aspects of the human experience and I thrive at holding space for people who feel unseen, who feel deep shame and who feel disconnected from their bodies and true selves.

When coaching, I hold safe and nonjudgmental space for clients to give themselves permission to be honest about their true feelings and to allow buried aspects of their energy to be witnessed. This allows movement through feelings of being stuck, trapped or limited into emotional freedom, openness and connection. I intend to support the people I work with to experience themselves and their desires fully, to empower them to understand their own emotional guidance and to help them to transmute their old stories into limitless chosen realities.


P.O. Box 9683, Boise, ID, 83707, U.S.A.




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