About Tina

As Melody's older sister, Tina's been working with Melody since 2013, and started her journey as an energy coach only a couple of years after that. She's been involved in all aspects of the company, and continues to be an integral part and a much loved member of the community. 

Hi! I’m Tina McDonald and I am an Intuitive Life Coach with Deliberate Receiving. I have been coaching online for a few years now and simply love it! I teach the Law of Attraction and intuitively commune with your higher self to gain clarity for whatever issues you are trying to resolve. I would love to share with you about what I do, but first, let me tell you a little about me…

As far back as I can remember I could always feel and see energy.  When I was 12 years old, I lived in a 200-year-old building that used to be a monastery, and I would see ghosts of the old monks walking through doorways that no longer existed, or roaming our balcony. It was just part of everyday normal life. I come from a long line of intuitives and healers… I got my gift from my German grandmother, who was afraid to openly apply and share her abilities. I came to understand that early on in her life, she had had some scary interactions with people, who, she found, didn’t always appreciate her telling them what she saw and felt. So she chose to only share with family.  She taught me many things… most important of all, to believe in myself.

My greatest joy has always been to help people, so I got a degree in Social Work and started my career in mental health and, later, worked with the elderly in a medical setting. The most fascinating part was working with non-communicative patients, who I could access due to my ability to read their energy. One of my favorite memories from that time is working with a lady who had dementia and had not responded to outside stimuli for over 5 years… One day she turned her head, looked at me and started to speak! To say the least, it was a very intense moment.  It was the first time I recognized how powerful this energy stuff really is! I loved working with patients, but hated the stifling rules that the administration seemed to make up without rhyme or reason. They didn’t really seem to care about people, including our patients! I ended up leaving my profession, which caused me to question whether I had made a mistake… There was too much darkness in the world and I didn’t know how to fight it by myself. I felt utterly alone and spent a few years depressed. I was simply surviving…  I reached a low point in my life. One night, I asked the powers that be to take me in my sleep, just to end the suffering…  I knew good still existed in the world, but I just didn’t have access to it in my reality.

Then the most amazing thing happened… I didn’t know it at the time, but I got an answer to my prayers. Only, the Universe had a different solution in mind. A wonderful intuitive healer entered my life, which was the first of many, and I slowly learned to trust myself again. Little by little, things started to get better. I didn’t know how, but, whenever I asked for something, expressed a desire, the Universe would bring it to me… and usually much grander than I had envisioned!

I remember the moment that I finally got it… everything, everyone, all of our energy is one. My sister, Melody Fletcher, had given me a book that sat on my shelf for a couple of years, and I finally was inspired to read it. It was “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch, and as I was absorbing his message, it all came together.  We are never truly alone, since we are all part of the energetic soup that makes up All That Is.

I began to study intuitive healing methods, starting with Reiki, and eventually was introduced to the Law of Attraction. At the insistence of my sister, Melody Fletcher, I got into coaching online, which has enabled me to reach people all over the world! It is my highest joy and privilege to help people to remove obstacles and to live their lives to the fullest.

Today, my life looks much different from those early days. I live on five acres in a small town in Idaho, with my husband of 18 years, two wonderful teenage boys, and three amazing puppies.

Look, if you have found this site, then you, like so many, are searching for answers on how to transform your reality. You are asking questions such as:

  • How do I find my life’s purpose?
  • How do I find my perfect partner?  Or How do I improve my relationships?
  • Can I raise my kids using the Law of Attraction?
  • How do I manifest abundance into my life?
  • How do I find a job or career that brings me joy?
  • How do I get over past hurt and trauma?
  • How do I manifest health, lose weight, release pain?
  • How do I live in peace and harmony?

You see, pain and emotions are a normal part of life… we are given these for a reason, but suffering? Suffering is unnecessary. Change is possible for everyone who is open to a different solution.

I believe in using gentle methods of release. Now, every client is unique, so I choose my methods intuitively to fit each client and their situation.  A typical session starts with a clearing exercise or a short grounding meditation. One of my favorite methods is to scan my client’s body, to feel where the energy is stagnant. I will then stream light energy at this blockage, which then enables us to work on and release emotional issues much more easily. In this way the client feels fully supported and connected to the entire universe.

I have successfully coached many women and men to literally transform their lives! If my story has inspired you and you would like to work with a coach, then I would be honored to be part of your journey.

What Tina's Clients Say

I Took Back the Power in My Life

Tina is very vibrant. As a coach, I never met someone who was more understanding and truthful about my life. I am taking a more empowered perspective on life and choosing better feeling thoughts deliberately. She taught me how to take back the power in my life and how to live knowing that all is well. It all starts with choosing what feels good to me. Thanks Tina!


The Absolute Real Deal...

I always eagerly look forward to each and every session with Tina. She makes leveling up so enjoyable, and she has such strong intuitive and spiritual gifts that the messages from your Higher Self come through clearly every time. I leave every session feeling refreshed and optimistic about my abilities as a conscious co-Creator. Having worked with both Tina and Melody, I can say that they are both the absolute real deal. Definitely don't miss the opportunity to step your game up by letting Tina help you access the guidance from your Higher Self.


I don't know what she does, but it feels like magic

I got in touch with Tina at a point in my life when I was getting pretty good at creating the reality I want. With her help I keep refining this ability and noticing the blocks. She has helped me speed up the process of manifesting my desires to an extent where I truly dare to believe that anything I wish for can come true. I don't know what she does, but it feels like magic.

Mette Helbak

I released massive amounts of guilt and self-hatred

I have had a few coaching calls with Tina and I loved every one of them. Talking to Tina is like talking to a best friend and she easily helps you to feel comfortable and relaxed during a coaching session. I decided to schedule a coaching call with Tina as Melody’s blog had always resonated with me in a big way and since I was having some problems at the time, I knew this would be a great help. Since then I’ve had a few coaching calls with Tina and I have to say it was really worth every single one. She helped me to learn to trust my own guidance system again and to follow it. My confusion on the law of attraction and also 2 massive limiting beliefs that I held (and wasn’t aware of, go figure lol) have been released with Tina’s guidance and the emotional and physical manifestations that followed are absolutely amazing. I love that she was able to pinpoint the limiting beliefs I held on the subjects we spoke about so quickly and easily which has allowed me to release them as I was so unaware of them myself and they really did affect my life in a big way, bigger than I even realised. Within her calls I have been able to release massive amounts of guilt and self hatred and am now able to start to love myself again. Tina has an amazing grasp of the law of attraction, just as Melody does, and is amazing at helping you to release any limiting beliefs you have that are keeping you from manifesting what you desire. I’ve never found anyone who has helped me as much as Tina has. Having someone help me on this journey who can read energy and easily help me raise my vibration higher while also having the knowledge on the law of attraction, like Tina does, has benefitted me in more ways than one and im super excited to continue to work with her! I would highly recommend her to anyone!


I learnt that resistance and blockages do not need to be scary

I was initially nervous when my session with Tina began but immediately her kindness put me at ease. We began the session with a grounding meditation exercise which is a wonderful technique to learn. One of the biggest things I learnt from Tina was that resistance and blockages do not need to be scary or intimidating. Once you can release limiting beliefs, they can actually turn out to be quite funny! Thank you Tina!


My panic attacks had started to become visible... and I had lost faith in everything...

As a child, teenager, and young adult in my mid 20s, I struggled with severe anxiety attacks, fear of darkness and insomnia. I was a highly sensitive kid, did well at school and had good grades. After my Dad passed away, unable to cope with his demise, I lived in a world of my own as a teenager and during my early 20s. I had very few or no friends when I left my country of origin India to study in America. When I married a person my family of origin did not approve of, that added to my psychological trauma. Over the course of the years, I had been to therapists and had also devoured every self-help book in the market. Perhaps all of this led to over stimulation and fuzzy thinking. During this time, my panic attacks had started to become visible during meetings at my different corporate jobs, and it had become harder for me to hold those jobs, not to mention I never really liked them, and had chosen them to simply survive. When I approached Melody, I didn’t know how to live anymore, I had lost faith in everything; I had quit my last job,and had reached a place of total hopelessness and despair. I felt a great sense of relief after speaking with Melody for an hour during my very first coaching session. During my very first call, in just an hour, Melody was able to really extricate me from the very deep and dark hole that I had dug myself into. She was unlike any other person I had sought help from, and I was instantly drawn to her creative, intelligent, loving spirit. She made me laugh and smile and for three years, every month, if there was anything I looked forward to, it was her melodious voice, the voice that had become the voice of an angel from heaven above. It really seemed as if the clouds were parting when Melody talked to me on the phone. For three years, I coached with Melody and then started working with her sister Tina during another very difficult period in my life when I was ready to go back and face the outside world. Tina’s voice is so much like Melody’s, her coaching approach is also very similar, yet, Tina has her own coaching style. I’m so blessed to have had that coaching experience with Tina, and what Tina said to me during those sessions, was exactly what I needed to hear! Melody and Tina coached me, help build my confidence and helped me grow and evolve into one of the strongest human beings I know of. During the time I worked with Melody, I wrote a fiction book that got published and won three prizes. I also resumed my childhood passion and love for drawing. I found inner resolve and resilience, the kind of tenacity I thought was impossible for me to achieve. Even my marriage that was dead had started improving.

What makes Melody’s coaching approach so unique is that sometimes I was having too much fun to notice how much progress I had made and notice my transformation. Melody and Tina taught me to think for myself and made me aware of my own choices, that life is nothing but a journey and a series of choices, and that at every given moment I have a choice. It is only because of their love and persistent efforts that I don’t wake up at night from one anxiety attack after another. I also found the courage to find another job in the corporate world. I plan on continuing my passions during my free time. Now, I live alone on the 13th floor of a tall building and four years ago, this would’ve been an impossible dream for me. I also don’t have any fear of darkness anymore! I would recommend Melody and Tina to anybody ready for massive life changes and would like to add that this coaching is not for the faint of the heart. Melody and Tina have made me a warrior and a hero!

I would like to end by saying I’ve been incredibly lucky to have worked with such loving and truly gifted coaches and I thank my lucky stars for the day I stumbled across Melody’s magical blog. Both Melody and Tina helped mold and shape me into who I am and I still remember the many sleepless nights I had before I connected with Melody. I’m so grateful to Melody for holding the energy for me when I didn’t know how and for giving me hope for my future when I had absolutely none. During the time I coached with Melody and Tina, what has meant the most to me was knowing that there are people in this world who are God’s gifts—angels sent from above—and that we are not alone. Thank you so much Melody and Tina, for your bravery in taking on a very difficult client and completely transforming her. Really, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the otherworldly experience! MANY MANY MANY MANY THANKS FOR BRINGING ME HERE TO THIS TIME AND PLACE!! THE VIEW FROM HERE IS INDEED SPECTACULAR (LITERALLY FROM THE 13TH FLOOR AND FIGURATIVELY)!! YOU ARE BOTH AMAZING AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR YOU BOTH!! BLESS YOU!!

Juliet G. Philip

I Am Much Happier and at Peace

Wow what a different a year makes. Before coaching with Tina, I was very angry, resentful, and exhausted. I was so aggravated with my mother I was about to put my house on the market (my mother lives next door). I was working two jobs and still having trouble making ends meet. In addition, I was having a horrible time dealing with my oldest child. I had been working with LOA for over ten years. Obviously, things were not working for me. I was attracting all the wrong things. In short, I was miserable.

I decided to try a life coach. This was one thing I had not tried. Wow, it worked. I am much happier and at peace. My mother only bugs me a little bit and then only occasionally. My now 15 year old son is a really neat kid. We talk every morning and afternoon on the way home. I was able to afford to quit my second job. I am no longer in credit card debt. I am able to manifest much more consistently. Tina was able to single handedly break all the resentful tapes that were playing in my head. She really helped me so much with forgiveness! With her help, I am in the first phase of operating and owning my own business. This is the hugest thing yet! It didn't happen overnight but it did happen. I am able to manifest much more consistently. I even manifested some pretty clothes :).

Tina is outstanding as a coach. She has endless patience. She is always ready to help take me where I need to go next. She is always there for me when I need her. I can sometimes be needy. Tina will also give me a kick, metaphorically speaking, when I need it. I was really struggling to leave my second job. She really gave me the support to get out of my own way. Tina does a great job giving me the tools I need when I need them. The "homework" I get is spot on to help me get in the direction I need to go. Tina has taught me so much, like everybody is on their own journey, it is not my job to fix everything for everybody, and that vibration matters. She is always there to celebrate with me. Working with her there has been a lot to celebrate. I would certainly recommend Tina as a life coach!

Jennifer Baldwin


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