Coaching Subscription Options – Tina

Sign up for a Recurring Coaching Contract! Benefits include:

- Always get a guaranteed spot on your coach's schedule, no matter how busy they may be. 

- Schedule well in advance, so you get first dibs on the schedule and get the slot that is most convenient for you. 

- As long as your coaching contract is valid, your price will not go up, even if the price for new sign ups is raised (aka. you will be "grandfathered" in). 

If you'd rather book a One Off Session with one of our coaches, you can so do HERE

Monthly Coaching with Tina

One Coaching Call a Month.


Every Other Month Coaching with Tina

One Coaching Call every 2 Months.

$250/ every two months

2 x per Month Coaching with Tina

Two Coaching Calls a Month.


Weekly Coaching with Tina

4 Coaching Calls a Month.



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