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Finally! Step Into Your Freaking Power!

  • Are you feeling stuck? Overwhelmed by fear? Frustrated by the lack of clarity?
  • Do you often wonder what you “should” be doing? You can feel that there’s supposed to be more, but you just can’t figure out what it is?
  • Does humanity’s pain break your heart? Do you get overwhelmed by emotions that may or may not be yours?
  • Do you often wonder what the hell is wrong with other people? Why don’t they see the simple solutions you seem to be able to see?
  • Are you often frustrated because you KNOW that there’s an easier way, but you can’t seem to find it for yourself?
  • Are you sick and tired of being stuck in old patterns and living them over and over again?
  • Frustrated with spiritual mindset teachers that just tell you to think positively? Tired of being told that if you’re experiencing negative emotions, you’re “doing it wrong”?
  • Do you sometimes/often wonder what the hell the point is?
  • Are you ready to make a real change, even if it’s scary at first, even if it means coming out of denial and facing your feelings? Are you ready to do the work so your life can actually get better, and you can become the magnificent creator you’ve always wanted to be?

If you answered YES to most or ALL of these questions, you're in the right place! 

Get the most comprehensive education available on the Technology of Reality – how reality actually works – so you can not only learn to manifest the life you want successfully, but heal old wounds, decode your emotions (and those of others), and understand the world and your place in it. You’ll not only achieve a feeling of peace like never before, but you’ll also learn to exercise your true power to create any reality you want.

Deep inside you there’s a voice that’s screaming for a simple, streamlined teaching that explains who you really are, how powerful you truly are, and how to access that power, in a way that actually makes some freaking sense! If you’re on this page, you were led here by your intuition. You can ignore it like all the other signs that have been trying to get your attention. Or… you can keep reading and LISTEN to that voice.

2020 and 2021, as predicted, have turned out to be volatile years. The world is in turmoil. There’s so much confusion. Is this all just random? Or is there a greater purpose to all this mess?

It turns out, there’s a greater purpose. And, it’s a good one.

Change is scary. Facing our fears and perceived “limitations” is hard. Often, we have to be forced into it.

Think about it. When has the most change in your life occurred?

Chances are the biggest changes in your life followed some kind of upheaval. And often, it was painful. This is the default method of growth – we only change when it becomes too painful not to. 

Many people are being “forced” into awareness at the moment. The whole world stopped and took a breath, allowing many people to begin to see what’s not working in their lives. They’re stuck in patterns that have been playing out over and over again, often for generations. They’re surviving, but they’re not THRIVING. Work, productivity and survival are the main priorities, with everything else falling by the wayside. Does this sound like you? And… is this really how you want to live?

Of course not! No one WANTS to merely survive. We just don’t think we have a choice! This is the lie that survival energy tells us: don’t deviate from the plan, or you won’t make it.

Well, the time has come to wake up. To stop believing the lies, to stop the auto-pilot mode. We are so much more powerful than we’ve been told, and the time has come for humanity to embrace that power.

If you’re reading this now, you’re among the first to truly wake up. Yes, there have been others in the past, but not in waves of this size. You have a role to play in the awakening of humanity – a really delicious one. But… you must first come into your own power. You must first accept how important you are, and learn how to exercise your immense power.

This is not an easy journey. In fact, it will kick your ass. But it’s worth it. And really, this is what you signed up for, so it’s going to happen one way or another.

Some of us woke up even earlier, and let me tell you, it was brutal. Personally, I had to do this all on my own. There weren’t a lot of teachers talking about this subject in a way that was particularly helpful to me. And I had no idea that others like me existed. And yet, even with all those obstacles, it was worth it. I wouldn’t change a single part of my journey. Not even the painful bits.

The good news is that while awakening and accepting your power is still not easy, it doesn’t have to be brutal anymore.

And, you don’t have to go through this alone.

That’s why I created LOA Academy – a totally streamlined framework that teaches you who you are and how the technology of reality actually works. This isn’t just a course on the Law of Attraction. It’s so much more. It explains to you how humans function, how reality functions, and how to actually use that technology to get what you want. This is the user’s manual you were never handed as a child.

In six weeks, you’ll learn what it took me decades to piece together. You’ll gain a level of understanding greater than many spiritual teachers out there have. You’ll gain power over your life, unlearn old, outdated patterns, and lean how to “program” yourself for success.

What’s more, you’ll be able to take on the role of who you came to be on this planet. This is not an obligation, but actually, your greatest desire.

Again, this is not an easy journey. Waking up is a bitch. But if you’re on this page, I’m going to make a very educated guess that you’re already experiencing the bitchy part, and you’re ready for that to end.

If so, LOA Academy was perfectly designed for you.


LOA Academy is a 6-week online course offered exclusively by Melody Fletcher, Best-selling Hay House Author, and ascension coach to thousands of women and men. Her clients tend to be highly intelligent overthinkers, who really resonate with the idea that all of reality is simply a type of technology we don’t fully understand (well, get ready to understand it!). LOAA was specifically designed as a crash course in that technology.

Rather than rehashing what so many other metaphysical teachers offer, Melody teaches you the real nitty-gritty mechanics of the technology of reality (including the law of attraction). You will NOT be told to “just think positively”, or that your reality isn’t working out because you “focused wrong”. You may have ridden in a plane before, but if you tried to fly that plane yourself, you’d probably crash. Imagine if you were then told that you should’ve been able to fly that plane, and that you probably just focused wrong. How were you supposed to know how to fly an effing plane?? There’s method to it, a technology, and if you haven’t learned how the controls function, you’re just being set up to fail.

Well, for most of your life, you’ve been set up to fail! Without proper instruction, you’re not going to be able to fly that plane. You probably won’t be able to get it off the ground. That doesn’t mean you CAN’T learn! In fact, with proper instruction, you’ll be able to take that plane wherever you want to go!

It’s the same with any technology. The idea that we should just know how to do this, especially when most of what we’ve been taught all our lives was the OPPOSITE of what actually works, is nothing short of cruel. LOA Academy dispels those myths, shines a light on those old patterns and helps you break them, and teaches you what actually works.

Each module of the program includes several pre-recorded videos by Melody, and is accessed through a student only online portal. Modules are released one per week for 6 weeks, plus a few juicy and ultra-helpful bonuses. While the content is released at the beginning of each week, we’ll also host a live Q and A call at the end of each week, so you can get answers to any questions that may have arisen as you worked through each module. This course is EXPERIENTIAL, which means it’s not just theory. You’re going to learn how to shape your reality by actually doing it. And having expert guidance along the way – as you go – is invaluable to making sure you learn how to manipulate reality in a way that actually works. You know… for a change.

Once you complete the whole course, you’ll be given lifetime access to the whole course, which means that you’ll not only be able to take the course again as many times as you like, you’ll continue to be invited to all the live coaching calls each time we run the program. What’s more, each time we add another bonus or an update to the material, you’ll automatically receive those updates and bonuses. When we say lifetime access, we mean lifetime access.

The Most Comprehensive LOA Course in Existence Today!

Let's face it. There are A LOT of different LOA courses out there. They all promise to teach you how to manifest your reality. They'll teach you how to "think positively" and "raise your vibration". And there's nothing wrong with that information. It's valid. But it's not enough. Reality Creation is a kind of technology. Imagine that you want to drive a car, or use an iPhone, or use a computer... but you have no idea how. You don't understand the technology. You don't have a user manual. 

Now, imagine that those who came to the planet before you have all kinds of ideas on how to use these items. The iPhone is a paperweight. The car is a sleeping container. And the computer is a small and ineffective heater. 

There's nothing wrong with any of these machines. But if you don't know how to use them, or what they're even capable of, you'll never really benefit from them, much less unlock their full potential. 

The Technology of Reality Creation is the same. 

You've been given the wrong information. You've not been given the user manual. And you've never been told what this technology is truly capable of if properly applied. 

LOA Academy changes all of that. You see, it's not a difficult technology. Just as you don't have to be able to build a car (or iPhone or a computer) in order to learn to drive it, you don't have to learn how to BUILD reality. You just have to understand enough of the framework in order to USE it. When you step on the gas pedal, it makes the car go faster. When you step on the break, it slows you down and stops you. Turning the steering wheel makes the wheels turn, etc.

What actually happens when you "think positively" or "raise your vibration"? 

How do manifestations become physical? 

What's the step by step process by which our reality is created? 

How can we deliberately attract what we want? 

And what, exactly, has gone wrong when it's not working?  

LOA  Academy answers all of these questions and MORE

Understand the Technology

Finally get a full and comprehensive understanding of just how this technology works! Stop using your smart phone as a paperweight! 

Heal Your Past and Present Pain

Let go of limiting beliefs (and learn what they actually are), how to heal trauma, pain and release the fears that are holding you back. And no, it's not just about thinking positively. 

Fast Track Your Growth

Working with Energy gives you LEVERAGE. It's faster and MUCH easier than any other modality, including most forms of traditional therapy, working hard, hustling, or willpower. This course will literally change your life.

Manifest the Reality of your CHOICE

Learn to DELIBERATELY manifest whatever you want (including how to figure out exactly WHAT it is you want!)

Understand Your Manifestations

Make sense of everything that's ever happened to you - how and why you manifested what you did. Understand how you're manifesting in the present, and trouble shoot manifestations BEFORE they become physical. 


This is an Experiential course. That means, it's not just theory. You'll not only learn HOW to shift your vibration in a way that ACTUALLY WORKS, you'll DO it. And once you've DONE it, you can repeat that process again and again. 

Yes! I'm Ready To...

  • Understand Who I Truly Am and What I'm Really Doing Here!
  • Release the Limiting Beliefs that are Holding Me Back
  • Understand Exactly HOW I've Manifested Every Experience I've Had So Far
  •  Stop Being Afraid of My Dreams (or anything else)
  • Take Charge of My Emotions Instead of Being a Slave to Them

Here's what's included in LOA Academy:

6 Week LOA Academy Masterclass

  • The Mindset You Need to Have to be a Powerful Creator
  • Discover What You (Truly) Want
  • Mechanics of Manifestation (the Nitty-Gritty Technology)
  • How Emotions Work, How to Identify Them, What They Mean
  • Finding and Releasing Limiting Beliefs
  • How to Truly Live an Empowered Life (What's Next...)

6 Group Coaching Calls

  • Don't get stuck because you have a question you can't get the answer to
  • You'll be personally guided and energetically supported through the process of discovering and releasing limiting beliefs
  • Access to a personally tailored higher perspective that might take you YEARS to discover on your own

Belief Buster Toolkit

  • Belief Finder (Find your Limiting Beliefs!)
  • Belief Releasing Toolkit (Release your Limiting Beliefs using Visualization, Memories and/or Emotions)
  • Simply Follow Along with the Process, and Bust out those Limiting Beliefs!

Bitch-Free Boundaries

  • How to Stand Up for Yourself Without Being a Bitch or Jerk
  • Learn to Set Boundaries in a Way that Acutally Works! (without getting a massive backlash)
  • Become a Master at Empowering Confrontation, Stop Being a Doormat, and Comfortably Set Boundaries


If you ACT NOW, You'll Also Get...

I want you to have all the tools you need to succeed! So, I'm throwing in some extra modules to help you APPLY this teaching immediately to the areas of life most people struggle with the most!

Bonus 1

Fast Track Love/Romance Belief Buster
  • We've Identified the Most Common Love Based Limiting Beliefs FOR YOU!
  • Bust Through Those Limiting Beliefs, and...
  • Replace Them With Much More Positive Beliefs
  • Get Access to Those Positive Beliefs (it can take MONTHS or YEARS to find them on your own!)

Bonus 2

Fast Track Money/Abundance Belief Buster
  • We've Identified the Most Common Money Based Limiting Beliefs FOR YOU!
  • Bust Through Those Limiting Beliefs, and...
  • Replace Them With Much More Positive Beliefs
  • Get Access to Those Positive Beliefs (it can take MONTHS or YEARS to find them on your own!)

Bonus 3

Bonus Calls With Melody!
  • Two EXTRA Bonus Call with Melody (2 hrs. each)!! 
  • Fast Track Money/Abundance Belief Buster - Let Melody Help You Discover and Release Those Pesky Money-Based Beliefs!
  • Fast Track Love/Romance Belief Buster - Let Melody Help You Discover and Release the Relationship Based Beliefs That are Keeping You from Delicious Love!

Here’s what past students are saying:

Jo - United Kingdom

"LOA like no one else teaches it!"

Summer - U.S.A

"This LOA Sh*t Really Works!"

Lori - U.S.A.

"LOA Changes Everything!"


Want Even More Support?

Check out our NEW TIER 2 Package!

Here's what's included:

4 PRIVATE Coaching Calls

  • Schedule 4 PRIVATE Coaching Calls with one of Melody's Highly Trained Coaches! (Melody hand-picked and personally trained these coaches!)
  • Students who Accompany LOAA with Private Coaching get Even FASTER and EASIER Results! (It's like adding Jet Fuel!)
  • Get the Personal, 1-2-1 Support You Crave! 
  • ($600 Value)

6 Months of Access to Reality Explorers

  • Reality Explorers is Melody's Private Group for LOAA Graduates (Created by Demand to help support the graduates' ongoing growth)
  • Monthly Content to Help Support Your Ongoing Growth (This Extra content dives deeper into the layers of the Technology of Reality)
  • 2 Group Coaching Calls with Melody each Month
  • ($600 Value)

Save $200 off these Services (vs. purchasing them separately) if you upgrade to Tier 2!

Choose the Package That's Right For You!


LOA Academy + Group Support

  • 6 Week LOA Academy Masterclass
  • 6 Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Belief Buster Toolkit
  • Bitch-Free Boundaries BONUS Module
  • Fast Track Love/Romance Belief Buster BONUS
  • Fast Track Money/Abundance Belief Buster BONUS
  • 2 Extra Bonus Calls with Melody!

One Payment of 


6 Monthly Payments  



LOA Academy + Group Support and Private Support

  • 6 Week LOA Academy Masterclass
  • 6 Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Belief Buster Toolkit
  • Bitch-Free Boundaries BONUS Module
  • Fast Track Love/Romance Belief Buster BONUS
  • Fast Track Money/Abundance Belief Buster BONUS
  • 2 Extra Bonus Calls with Melody!
  • 4 PRIVATE Coaching Call (with a coach personally hand-picked and trained by Melody) 
  • 6 Months of Access to Reality Explorers (Membership for LOAA Grads, with monthly content and 2 monthly group coaching calls with Melody)

One Payment of 




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