#003 She Hates Her Job


Topics covered on this call:

  • Why money generally isn’t a very good reason to use to appreciate a job.
  • She thinks if her job situation improved, her whole life would get better.
  • She’s afraid that if she finds a way to appreciate the things she doesn’t like, it will keep them in her life.
  • Does she have to keep telling the Universe what she wants?
  • She hates the bureaucratic system she’s forced to work in and is bored with her job.
  • How the job she hates is actually benefiting her.
  • Using her “Don’t Wants” to figure out her “Do Wants”.
  • Why an intellectual discussion of LOA can be so useful.
  • How can she attract ideas that feel better?
  • Can something resonate with you but not feel good?
  • Why reaching for “better” is more beneficial than reaching for “happy”.
  • The physical manifestation is the last step in a whole chain of events.
  • She had a major manifestation that matches her desire, but didn’t recognize it.
  • How can she feel better about her 2 hour a day commute?