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  • #005 She’s lonely and has trouble connecting with people

#005 She’s lonely and has trouble connecting with people


Topics covered on this call:


  • How different locations make it easier for us to feel good
  • The big city provides more contrast = more opportunities to create bigger dreams
  • The two purposes of negative manifestations
  • Some beliefs are hard to detect because they’re so familiar
  • How meditation “turns off the noise” and helps us find the those familiar beliefs
  • Why she was inspired to move to a big city
  • It’s scary to admit that we want or need others
  • How we can tell what’s really in our vibration
  • Why willpower doesn’t work and can actually backfire badly
  • How beliefs can cause us to automatically sabotage ourselves by engaging our reptilian mind
  • Why we shouldn’t take manifestations personally
  • Changing her expectation that making friends has to be hard
  • Why she gets so sad when she drinks alcohol
  • Getting over her denial and acknowledging her real feelings
  • How she’s keeping people from connecting with her
  • How to have an authentic conversation
  • Creating good experiences vs. bad experiences
  • How to create positive expectation
  • The fallacy of being negative “just in case”