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  • #007 She Wants to Have WAY Better Sex With Her Husband

#007 She Wants to Have WAY Better Sex With Her Husband


Topics covered on this call:

  • Sex with her husband has always been nice, but there’s no SHAZAM
  • What’s required for hot sex
  • The shame of contracting an STD
  • The link between food and sex
  • Society’s false and damaging views on sex
  • The link between her anorexia and her issues with sex
  • She thinks she wants to feel satisfied, but it goes deeper than that (with food and sex)
  • Why she has to accept her feeling of shame
  • When one partner feels inferior to the other
  • The fact that your partner accepts you does not make him a saint.
  • Her insecurities
  • His insecurities
  • How their respective insecurities are fueling each other’s
  • How to communicate authentically in the bedroom
  • How NOT to approach this topic with your partner
  • How these sexual insecurities effect other areas outside the bedroom
  • How her vibration will affect his behavior



The day after this call happened, I received the following testimonial from this client:

“Wow – my coaching session with Melody was nothing short of transformational. – I gained many powerful insights in to why the situation is/(was!) the way it was, my role in creating it and my power to affect change.

I am BLOWN AWAY at the shift that has occurred in my marriage since our 1 hour conversation. After months (ok, I admit it – YEARS!!) of ‘nice’ but kind of ‘so-so’ sex, I was awoken during the night [last night!] to a very interested husband and we had sweaty hot sexy sex for the first time in soooooo long!

Within 24 hours we had talked about sex in a way we hadn’t ever done before AND he started randomly putting on ‘oh la la’ music and giving me lovely compliments about my sexy body! Our session together was such a powerful lesson in the REALNESS of vibrational shifting and how our own vibration affects another even if we don’t say anything to that person. What has blown me away the most is that my husband has also experienced a MASSIVE shift from MY coaching session – He doesn’t even know that I was coached on this area, and yet HE has shifted immensely!

SO happy. Peaceful. And SATISFIED!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

As soon as I got off the phone to you, I knew I would be booking you in again for another session about a completely different topic. That session was also RAD. Thank you thank you thank you!! :D”