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  • #010 She Feels Stuck In All Areas Of Her Life + “Little You” Technique

#010 She Feels Stuck In All Areas Of Her Life + “Little You” Technique


Topics covered on this call:

  • She provides incredible amount of value, but can’t ever seem to make any money
  • She feels stuck so much of the time, like she can’t move forward
  • She can figure out what is stopping her, but can’t seem to get past it
  • She started a new business, but can’t get any clients. She can’t seem to get the word out
  • The number one reason that people feel stuck
  • The power of anger and why it’s so beneficial
  • When anger is appropriate and constructive
  • Particularly women have a hard time allowing anger
  • Why feeling stuck feels so horrible
  • Why trying to raise your vibration through meditation, etc. can actually make you feel worse when you’re stuck
  • How children move through their emotions and why it would serve us to follow their league
  • Why your intellect is no help in becoming unstuck
  • How to orchestrate an anger release and what NOT to do
  • Why your parents taught you to shut down your anger
  • How very spiritual people often sabotage themselves while going through this process
  • How her cyst is related to her issues of stuck-ness
  • How the statement “It wasn’t meant to be” can be really disempowering
  • When it’s NOT a good idea to look for the lesson, and how doing so can keep you stuck
  • How we use massive pain to create growth
  • “The Little You Technique” – to help you work through powerful negative emotions (full explanation and example)
  • Why you can heal relationship scars even if the other party is dead or gone
  • What “aftershocks” are
  • When you become unstuck, you don’t have to do anything to shift into a more positive feeling vibration.
  • How her negative manifestation actually moved her closer to what she wanted