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  • #011 She Wants To Manifest An Incredible Relationship (Fine Tuning)

#011 She Wants To Manifest An Incredible Relationship (Fine Tuning)


Topics covered on this call:

  • She’s had a pattern of attracting douchebags in the past, but no longer does
  • She has lots of male friends but can’t seem to take it to the next level
  • Acknowledging where she actually is, and giving herself credit for the work she’s already done
  • What NOT to use as an indicator of where your vibration is
  • How to use your brain’s inability to focus on more than one thought at a time to your advantage
  • Avoid the dreaded “but”
  • Don’t try to raise your vibration using the one subject that’s not working
  • Doing this process alone vs. with a coach (do try this at home)
  • The “Why are you still single??” belief
  • The ancient, cultural beliefs that women still have deep down
  • Figuring out the REAL reasons she wants a man, and how to tell what the REAL reasons are (and aren’t)
  • The lack of truly positive relationship role models
  • Creating a new kind of relationship – one that most people can’t yet imagine
  • Giving herself permission to want what she truly wants
  • Don’t share the list of your core desires with those who can’t imagine them
  • Staying together for a long time is not an indicator of a successful relationship
  • People in successful relationships usually can’t accurately explain the reasons for their success
  • The fear of dying alone
  • What a conscious relationship looks and feels like
  • What the tactics you’ve been using say about your vibration
  • How to handle rejection (the false belief behind rejection)