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  • #012 She Married An Abusive Man And Can’t Forgive Herself

#012 She Married An Abusive Man And Can’t Forgive Herself


Topics covered on this call:

  • She doesn’t understand how she could’ve ever made such a mistake
  • She still has anxiety when it comes to relationships and men
  • She feels that her actions defied her character and made no sense
  • The relationships she had prior to this one were all positive
  • Figuring out why she actually fell in love with him (cutting through the fog of denial)
  • How abusive relationships progress
  • Why an abused woman doesn’t notice the abuse until it’s too late
  • She has lost trust in herself
  • What causes people to be abusive
  • Gaining perspectives on her ex husband’s real motives
  • How her ex orchestrated an environment in which she would become powerless
  • Finding the core emotion that we present before the abusive relationship manifested
  • What the manifestation of an abusive relationship was actually showing her
  • Aligning with the positives of the situation that she’s been blind to
  • She feels inadequate because she’s now divorced
  • Shifting into a better feeling perspective on being divorced
  • What to do to apply this process to anything else she feels guilty about