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  • #013 Procrastination, Feeling Judged by Family, Shifting Beliefs Using Triggering Events

#013 Procrastination, Feeling Judged by Family, Shifting Beliefs Using Triggering Events


Topics covered on this call:

  • She has a problem with procrastination
  • She understands the Law of Attraction, and has had some great success with it, but can’t find a way to apply that to her housework
  • LOA is NOT about trying to figure out how to love cleaning your house if you hate cleaning your house
  • Trying to make the activity fun, etc. can be helpful is the resistance isn’t too big. When the resistance is big (like in this case), that won’t work at all.
  • Figuring out what the end goal actually is (it’s not the clean house).
  • Why doesn’t she like cleaning her house?
  • What does a clean house represent to her?
  • She doesn’t like people showing up at her house unannounced (people might see her dirty house)
  • She wants to turn off her “lazy gene”
  • You cannot overcome resistance with Willpower (which is what most people try to do)
  • Letting go of old familiar beliefs can be scary
  • She’s been focusing in the wrong place (on the band aid instead of the cure)
  • Why putting a time limit on your commitment to focus differently is beneficial
  • Digging down to find the real issue – an insecurity often triggered by her family
  • She feels judged by her family for being too happy and wanting her life to be easy (for doing LOA work, basically)
  • Feeling guilty when you get “something for nothing”
  • Understanding why her family members judge her (it’s got nothing to do with her)
  • Why lowering her vibration to make them feel better is never going to work, and what to do instead
  • Your family members can be your biggest enemies or your biggest allies, depending on if you know how to use the information they present you with energetically
  • Eliciting a different version from family members (or anyone)
  • Using those family triggers to shift the insecurity
  • An example of reworking negative events to shift beliefs (Starting around Minute 46:00)
    • She has a family member who is a total know it all, which irritates the crap out of her
    • Viewing this family member through the eyes of source to find the better feeling  perspective
    • Releasing the trigger of a specific incident so that it shifts the energy of the belief that caused it
  • Tying all of this back to the procrastination  – how her family “issues” are causing the procrastination
  • What she can do in the next coming days to help soothe the procrastination