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  • #014 Overcoming the Fear of Connecting with Non-Physical Energy

#014 Overcoming the Fear of Connecting with Non-Physical Energy


Topics covered on this call:

  • She has a lot of little fears that she doesn’t know how to get rid of
  • She’s afraid of the dark, and has trouble falling asleep in the dark
  • Being honest about how much her fears are actually affecting her (stepping out of denial)
  • Why A-Type personalities are more prone to anxiety
  • How to address general anxiety, especially when you’re a very driven person
  • Exploring her fear of the dark in more detail
  • When the lights go off, she feels crawling sensations on the back of her neck, and feels like something might “get” her.
  • She’s had weird experiences like that since she was a child
  • How the dark affects our perception and focus
  • Her fear comes from a total misunderstanding of what she’s actually experiencing
  • Why the mind creates horror movie scenarios whenever we experience something unknown
  • There is no source of evil, however people can have “negative” and frightening experiences with the non-physical
  • Explaining what’s actually happening during one of these frightening experiences
  • What these crawling sensations she’s having actually are, and why they’re not a bad thing at all
  • What ghosts really are
  • What you can do if you’re having a frightening experience with the non-physical
  • What guides and angels really are
  • What you can do to ease into connecting with non-physical in a positive way
  • What to do when the fear comes up
  • How to practice connecting with non-physical (next steps)