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  • #015 She Wants To Make Money While Helping People (Spiritual Business)

#015 She Wants To Make Money While Helping People (Spiritual Business)


Topics covered on this call:

  • She’s always had a lack of cash, born into a poor family, etc.
  • Why people who say that they don’t need money to be happy are usually in denial
  • She wants to be able to spend money on herself without feeling like she’s taking money away from her family
  • How you can send the message to yourself that you are worth spending money on without actually spending a lot of money
  • She feels that her purpose is to help others, not necessarily to make money
  • Why you’re entitled to charge money for your services, even if they’re spiritual services
  • How giving without receiving is actually detrimental to your wellbeing and even health
  • Why a high pain threshold isn’t actually a good thing
  • Why she has such an urge to fight for others, and how that belief is keeping her stuck
  • Why you can’t help everyone and why trying to do so will suck the life right out of you
  • What happens when you actually help someone, and how that differs from trying to help those who aren’t ready for it
  • How you can actually become like drug for some people, and why you don’t want to do that
  • Figuring out who her ideal client is (she gets to choose!)
  • How excellent healers and coaches actually keep people from signing up as paying clients
  • How to sell your spiritual services without being slimy (a different view of selling)
  • Dealing with the fear of being criticized for not being a perfect human being/manifestor/rich and therefore not qualified to help anyone