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  • #017 She wants to lose 30 pounds of weight

#017 She wants to lose 30 pounds of weight


Topics covered on this call:

  • She started gaining weight in her teens
  • The thing about getting into a workout routine that can actually cause you to gain weight over time
  • She’s tried everything to get the body she wants, but nothing has worked
  • She’s tried to use LOA before, too, but it didn’t work (LOA isn’t LOA)
  • There’s no magic pill
  • Losing weight isn’t just about calories.
  • Why some people can eat anything they want and not gain weight
  • Making peace with where you are isn’t about just being happy being fat, and why trying to do that doesn’t work.
  • Digging down and figuring out what she REALLY wants (why does she really want to lose weight?)
  • How she attracts the feedback she gets from other people
  • It’s not about the weight (it’s never about the weight)
  • Why losing weight may not give her what she really wants, but how focusing on what she really wants will cause the weight to come off
  • Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard when you do the energy work first
  • Getting away from giving so much power to other people’s opinions
  • The Mirror Technique – changing how you look at yourself
  • How her current wardrobe may be perpetuating her weight issues
  • How she’s actually in an abusive relationship with herself
  • How to choose a list of positive things about herself that actually works
  • Why going general works better when you’re trying to shift energy
  • Avoiding those negative triggers
  • Why crappy tasting diet foods hurt your goals and what you can eat instead