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  • #018 LOA Parenting – She’s Afraid That She’s Not A Good Mother

#018 LOA Parenting – She’s Afraid That She’s Not A Good Mother


Topics covered on this call:

  • Wants to improve all areas of her life and doesn’t know where to start
  • How working with someone is different from doing this on your own, and how to approach each
  • How can we give ourselves permission to feel better when we’re faced with daily real world problems?
  • She feels obligated to contribute financially to the household, but can’t stand the idea of getting an 8 hour a day job away from her family
  • LOA is NOT about finding a way to feel good about something that you currently don’t feel good about
  • Feeling her way through the words she uses to figure out where she’s ACTUALLY focusing and how she really feels
  • Why she is the perfect mother for her children
  • No one is ever born or not born by mistake
  • It’s not a parent’s job to manifest for their children
  • What a parents job actually is
  • Why a teenage mother is not a bad mother
  • She’s afraid that she’s passing on her anxieties to her kids
  • Should she home school her kids?
  • The traditional school system actually has a lot of benefit to offer
  • Why she doesn’t have to get an 8 hour job and how to line up with a scenario that feels a lot better
  • The biggest gift you can give your children
  • Teaching your children how to manifest deliberately