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  • #019 A Male Perspective: Fixing A Marriage, Communication, and WAY More Sex

#019 A Male Perspective: Fixing A Marriage, Communication, and WAY More Sex


Topics covered on this call:

  • He’s been married for 14 years with loads of ups and downs
  • He started using LOA about 18 months ago when his wife declared that she wanted a divorce, and has seen improvements
  • Now he wonders if his relationship can turn into what he really wants it to be
  • They’ve had sex once in two years
  • The misconceptions people have about sex, when it comes to women and men
  • The way he sees his wife when he approaches her for sex actually practically guarantees that she’ll reject him
  • How important is it to create the right physical environment to get her in the mood?
  • Setting the mood vibrationally
  • Aligning himself with a more sexually open version of his wife
  • Creating the kind of relationship he really wants
  • When to do this work and when to just let things take their course
  • His wife stresses out about little things. What’s really going on
  • Fighting his urge to “fix” those issues (why men do that)
  • What he can do instead of trying to “fix” it – how he can truly help her feel better
  • How men and women take care of their vibrations in different ways (and the conflict that causes when we don’t understand the difference)
  • She doesn’t need to understand LOA in order for these processes to work for him and his marriage, or in order for her to find happiness, and why thinking that she need to will backfire badly
  • What he should do and not do when she’s throwing an angry tantrum and how it’s actually a good thing