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  • #021 Finding Her Passion And Moving Towards It

#021 Finding Her Passion And Moving Towards It


Topics covered on this call:

  • Recently moved back to the US, and now everything is different. She’s been feeling unfulfilled
  • She has no idea what her dream career looks like
  • She doesn’t know what she’s most passionate about
  • She has a lot of interests, but whenever she went after any of those, they weren’t her passion
  • Why you can’t find that one passionate activity that will make you happy for the rest of your life (and why you don’t even want to)
  • Why the “What would you do if you won the lottery?” questions sounds so lame, but why it’s not
  • Her life was more adventurous when she was living in New Zealand. She feels different in the US
  • Making sense of she fell into depression upon her return to the US (how and why it happened)
  • Finding her passion – and giving herself permission to go after it
  • Shattering the belief that she can’t make money doing something spiritual
  • What does she have to offer the world?
  • Finding the confidence to actually go out and serve others for money (is she good enough?)
  • Why she has no responsibility to help anyone – releasing the pressure of that belief
  • How clarity finds us when we’re ready for it
  • How can she let go of her fears?
  • How can she hold her high vibration while in a non-spiritual job?