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#022 Healing Childhood Abuse + Powerful Healing Meditation


This is, quite possibly, the most powerful coaching call I’ve ever published. The client originally applied for a coaching call in order to figure out why she kept manifesting recurring financial disasters. What came to light very quickly, was that the setbacks were a manifestation of the powerlessness she felt, which has been caused by childhood abuse, something she thought she’d long since dealt with.

I took the client through a healing visualization, and she shifted so much energy so quickly, I have to admit, it even surprised me a bit. I decided not to edit the visualization process, even though there are some periods of silence, so that anyone listening could follow along and benefit from the massive energy produced on the call. Even if you haven’t suffered from childhood abuse, this technique can be applied to a variety general or specific situations. Let your intuition guide you.

Topics covered on this call:

  • She has a great job and makes plenty of money, but can’t seem to get ahead
  • Every time she gets comfortable, things just completely fall apart
  • How she attracted a series of financial horrors a few months ago, that left her in dire straits.
  • Getting to the core of the vibration that’s causing her recurring setbacks (powerlessness from childhood abuse)
  • Healing this powerlessness – Creating a healing energy field (full meditation/visualization, in its entirety. Follow along to experience your own healing!)
  • Riding the wave of the newly attained vibration to stabilize it and line up with a more positive future
  • Looking back and identifying how the financial setbacks were actually helpful hints – messages about the resistance that needed to be shifted
  • How these calls will always provide the perfect solutions and shifts to everyone involved and listening – it’s always a co-creation
  • Every encounter that you have has been arranged energetically
  • Your actions are also manifestations