#023 Manifesting An Epic Love


Today’s call is for all those who want to manifest an epic romantic relationship, but have no idea what that looks like. It includes a really detailed process of how to create a visualization that actually addresses your resistance and retunes you to what you want.

Topics covered on this call:

  • She’s never had a successful relationship
  • She’s afraid that maybe she’s not ever meant to fall in love
  • She’s been able to manifest in other areas of her life using LOA techniques, but doesn’t feel like she’s made any progress when it comes to love
  • How shifting big monster issues is different from shifting stuff that’s not so important to us
  • How to tell that you actually have shifted something, even if you don’t yet have what you want
  • It’s hard for her to focus on positive thoughts about relationships
  • Desires as large as the one she has for a relationship are unstoppable. You will eventually get there. The question is, how much do you want to suffer along the way and how long do you want it to take?
  • The biggest thing she’s doing to slow down her desire
  • Why she doesn’t have to be ok with the idea that she may never have a relationship
  • She attracts a lot of men, but they all have “issues”
  • Every time she really starts to like someone, things get ugly or painful
  • Explaining how she attracted her last painful encounter, and seeing the helpful message in it
  • How she can shift her vibration without having to go through one painful relationship after another
  • Uncovering the core reason she’s blocking a relationship
  • The Universe will always prove you right – men cannot defy her expectation of how they’ll behave
  • Why it’s actually not a bad thing when you break up with someone (or they break up with you)
  • Explaining why her friends all have relationships and she doesn’t (and it has nothing to do with failure)
  • Calling bullshit on all the ways in which she’s in denial (common LOA mistakes)
  • Epic love is easy
  • Why hoping that every guy she meets is “the one” is detrimental, and what to think instead
  • How to set herself up for success instead of failure
  • Creating a visualization that will help to align her with what she wants (with explanations on how to create it properly)
  • Using the process of creating that visualization to find the resistance
  • What women do with their energy that makes men run for the hills. What to do instead