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#024 Overcoming Her Social Anxiety And Reducing Her Drinking


This client has quit every job she’s ever had, because she could no longer take the stress and pressure she felt. She asked for this call because she now found herself at home, after leaving yet another job, avoiding work and drinking too much. We uncovered that the source of her work avoidance wasn’t laziness, as she had thought, but a powerful social anxiety. After getting to the core of those fears (this call contains a great deal of information about bullying), we were able to shift some of her beliefs (you can only do so much in an hour) and came up with an action plan that will help her to finally let her true, fabulous, social butterfly self out to play. (Please note that this call addresses the source of drinking too much, NOT full blown alcohol addiction.)

Topics covered on this call:

  • She had a pattern of quitting jobs that she hates
  • She’s just been sitting around the house and drinking too much
  • She’s been trying not too drink, but she can’t seem to get away from it
  • She wonders if she just hates working, or if she’s just lazy
  • The real reason she’s drinking too much, and why just telling herself not to drink doesn’t work
  • She’s been trying to quit drinking by meditating regularly. Why that hasn’t worked
  • She’s quit every job she’s ever had
  • The easy way to stop compulsive behavior like drinking (NOT APPLICABLE TO A FULL ON ADDICTION)
  • The reason that work and social events feel so stressful to her – social anxiety
  • Uncovering the real source of that social anxiety
  • Why she was bullied as a child
  • Clearing up her fears and misconceptions about other people
  • What she can do to overcome her social anxiety and fear of people (her action plan)