#027 She Wants A Baby


This is a MONSTER CALL. Today’s client wants a baby, but has manifested a (temporary) condition of infertility. Not only is this a great call for those wanting to conceive, we also addressed how to be an authentic parent. You get a detailed example of how to use visualization to eliminate resistance step by step, as well as a technique to help you take your power back from those who intimidate you. These calls just keep getting better and better.


Topics covered on this call:

  • She’s been having physical issues, like muscle aches and sciatica for the last three years
  • She has a “condition” that has rendered her infertile, but she believes that she will have children
  • She feels like her family and friends are pressuring her to have a baby. They think she’s running out of time
  • Identifying the fear (that she thought she’d already dealt with) that caused her to manifest infertility and will ensure she won’t have a baby (as long as it’s not cleared)
  • Pointing out the discord in her favorite visualization about having children – which points to her fears
  • Her body has created its own birth control because of her fears, even though she really, really wants a baby
  • Dealing with all the negative opinions that others have about what’s it’s like to have children
  • Creating a vision that will actually line her up with the energy of what she wants, step by step
  • Deconstructing her resistance bit by bit
  • How her career issues and fertility issues are connected
  • Creating the vision of the kind of parent she wants to be
  • How would she handle it if her child got addicted to drugs?
  • What would she do if her child got bullied at school?
  • The shrinking technique – taking her power back from her abusive mom (or anyone)
  • Being an authentic parent