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#028 She Wants To Fix Her Idiot Boss


This client just started a new job but already see the pattern that was present in her old job developing: She doesn’t respect her boss and has issues with the way he treats people. At the heart of this is that she doesn’t really know how to set limits and isn’t sure that she’s allowed to. This call will benefit anyone who’s currently working in a company and wants to know how to enjoy their job more, make a positive contribution to the environment, and truly shine.


Topics covered on this call:

  • She wants to get to the “next level” spiritually
  • The formula for shifting beliefs (it’s not about RIPPING beliefs out of ourselves, or reliving traumas!)
  • She’s programmed to work really hard for everything
  • How people re-create the same crap over and over again
  • She’s never been great at standing up for herself
  • She’s recently taken a new job and has some issues with her new boss
  • She feels like she’s recreating the same situation she had at her last job
  • Whether or not you respect someone, has nothing to do with them
  • Getting into the specifics of the “issues” – her boss’ leadership skills are severely lacking
  • She feels that people in leadership positions should have leadership skills
  • She’s very aware of people’s feelings and suffers when her boss makes other employees feel bad by yelling at them
  • How she can influence her boss in a positive way without even saying anything
  • How can she look at her boss in a way that doesn’t cause her vibration to plummet?
  • The one simple technique that will shift the energy around any situation and support all other techniques
  • She wants to protect the other employees from the wrath of their boss
  • Why that’s not possible and not even a good idea
  • Looking at actual examples of when she got yelled at, how she responded and how to change that response
  • Learning to set limits as an employee (not taking on way more work that she can handle)
  • Overcoming the fact that other people in the office have tried to fix the issues that bother her, and failed
  • How to truly shine as employee (it’s not about being a good little worker)