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  • #029 She Lives To Serve Others And It’s Draining Her Dry: Learning To Put Yourself First

#029 She Lives To Serve Others And It’s Draining Her Dry: Learning To Put Yourself First


This call is for all those of you who tend to put others first, and are paying the price of it. How can you learn to be more selfish, and put how YOU feel first, without letting others down or becoming a bad person? If you tend to give until it hurts and beyond, this call is for you.


Topics covered on this call:

  • She feels like she’s very deliberately positive, but that there’s some big piece of resistance from her past that she’s not dealing with
  • She feels like some kind of dark energy just descends on her
  • She started a company and everything was going really well
  • Suddenly, the whole thing fell apart, and everything in her life started to go wrong
  • She couldn’t seem to recover no matter what she did
  • She wakes up every day, feeling very positive, but as the day goes on, she loses all her motivation
  • Figuring out why her business blossomed and then withered
  • The belief that causes “people pleasing” and why it’s total BS
  • Why you cannot put others before yourself and thrive
  • The addiction of being needed (needing to be needed)
  • How to put yourself first without feeling guilty or like a bad person
  • The crack dealer metaphor – how you can actually be adding to people’s issues when you think you’re helping them
  • Learning how to say “no” to people who request/demand/beg for your help
  • The “Win-Win” Concept
  • Working through a specific example of feeling obligated to help someone to the point of depleting herself to shift the underlying vibration
  • How her beliefs caused her to override her intuition
  • No relationship ever gets ugly “suddenly”. What really happens
  • Learning to own your shit
  • The sack of potatoes metaphor (I love this one! It will stick with you)