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  • #030 Understanding and Shifting Resistance, Children with Cancer

#030 Understanding and Shifting Resistance, Children with Cancer


This call was a bit of a mixed bag, but was essentially about understanding resistance. We started off talking about how children manifest things like cancer and how that is different from when adults manifest disease or tragedy. We then moved on to dissecting a very specific example of how this client had manifested an incident with another person that mirrored a piece of her resistance back to her. This call is a little longer than usual because I decided to leave in the little chat we had after the “official call” ended, where we looked back on the call and I pointed out how the shifts had occurred. This clients was, at first, very reluctant to shift and kept on arguing for her current point of view, which is something that everyone does when the resistance is strong. It’s much easier to recognize the process in hindsight.


Topics covered on this call:

  • She’s worried that by focusing on negative things, she may bring tragedy to her family
  • She can’t seem to put negative thoughts out of her mind, which scares her
  • The difference between influencing others and creating in their reality
  • Show wonders how innocent little children manifest cancer. Could they really have that much resistance?
  • The difference between manifesting disease as an adult and in early childhood
  • Why things that bother you just a little bit are still worthy of your attention
  • The two choices you have when something really bothers you (that will help you to feel better and line up with a  better feeling reality)
  • What’s really going on when a happy, shiny child manifests something like cancer
  • Is the Law of Attraction spiritual?
  • Why thoughts that contradict what we want feel good
  • How resistance is meant to be helpful and what goes wrong
  • The difference between creating and receiving
  • Whatever you inundated yourself with, shapes your reality
  • Can everyone become a masterful manifestor?
  • How exactly are people that totally annoy us mirroring us?
  • Dissecting a real world example of a mirroring relationship
  • How much of resistance is actually a whole lot of fictional, made up crap
  • How she’s holding people who are not a vibrational match to what she wants in her reality
  • She feels that even when people can’t stand each other, they should still be civil to each other
  • When someone ignores her, it causes a major negative reaction
  • The “Freeze-Frame” technique
  • How she gives her power away and how she can take it back
  • Why we don’t necessarily have to go digging through our past in order to shift energy, even if that’s where the belief originated

Quick Update: This client has since contacted me and told me she saw the woman again, and experienced no negative emotion! Problems solved. Yay!