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#031 She Had An Affair. Now What?


This client had an affair and has been living in torture ever since. Taking morality and judgment out of the equation (because they’re not helpful to healing), we dissected how and why affairs happen (and how this particular one did), why divorce (if applicable) isn’t the end of the world, and how to figure out what to do next. Note: this may be a difficult call to listen to if you’ve been cheated on and are still in the anger phase, because I render no judgment against cheating. If, however, you’re ready to understand the real, underlying reasons that people have affairs, then by all means, listen in.

Topics covered on this call:

  • She’s been married for a long time. Her marriage isn’t horrible, but really not happy
  • She had a brief affair and has been miserable ever since
  • Why she had an affair (it’s a symptom, not the problem) and why she’s been so unhappy since
  • Why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for her (mistake that a lot of people make)
  • How this affair actually served her
  • Why trying to control vibration through action doesn’t work
  • It’s ok to look at what you don’t want, under the right conditions
  • Why taking morality and judgment out of the equation makes healing from affairs easier
  • Dissecting how and why the affair happened in detail
  • Why she doesn’t need to figure out right now if she needs to leave her husband or not (it’s not about the action)
  • Why divorce isn’t a sign of failure
  • The main reason my divorces are often so ugly
  • Why you can’t go from a specific, negative thought to a specific, positive thought
  • Teaching LOA to her kids and how it can help them all through this situation
  • Why hitting rock bottom is unnecessary but actually helpful
  • Example of focusing ourselves into a better feeling place