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#032 She Always Has “Just” Enough Money


This client had a lifelong pattern of always having just enough money. If she did manage to manifest a little extra cash, something would immediately break down or an unexpected bill would come for that exact amount. We dissected the beliefs of never having enough, as well as the fallacy (read: Bullshit) of the concept of “Delayed Gratification”. Listen along as this client shifts into a much better feeling place in the space of an hour.


Topics covered on this call:

  • She’s always manifesting projects where she has to work really hard up front, that should lead to more money in the future
  • No matter what her income is, she always seems to have just enough money (the bills keep up with her income, no matter what)
  • She feels like the donkey with the carrot. She never seems to get the carrot
  • The biggest way that people keep themselves stuck in their financial situation
  • She never feels financially secure
  • Shifting perspectives
  • How people shoot themselves in the foot when trying to find a better feeling thought
  • How changing your thoughts is like learning to dance
  • What to do when your bratty mind insists on pointing out evidence that supports your limiting beliefs
  • When it’s NOT a good idea to visualize in order to shift your vibration
  • How long do you have to focus differently before you see results?
  • Moving out of the belief that she needs to suffer now for benefit later
  • The fallacy of “Delayed Gratification”