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#033 Getting Over An Abusive Relationship


Although this client got out of an abusive relationship over six months ago, she’s still dealing with the aftermath – massive guilt, self-blame and resentment. We dissect how and why abusive relationships happen (an explanation that may surprise you), how to let go of the guilt that persists, and how to heal and get stronger going forward. I think this is one of the most valuable calls I’ve ever recorded and I hope you’ll agree.


Topics covered on this call:

  • Was able to end an abusive relationship
  • Her ex harassed her after the breakup and even got others involved in the abuse
  • Feels that her entire relationship was a lie
  • Why it often doesn’t do us any good to go digging through our past, and the ONLY reason why it might be beneficial to do so
  • The worst (most detrimental) thing we can do after getting out of an abusive relationship
  • How we attract abusive relationships (full profile of the abused)
  • Emotional abuse vs. physical abuse
  • Owning your shit
  • Why lightworkers and healers are often susceptible to ending up in abusive (or borderline abusive) relationships
  • Anatomy of a sadist (what causes people to become sadistic)
  • How the abuser can become addicted to the abuse (what’s in it for him)
  • Why the victim keeps putting up with the abuse (it’s not due to weakness or stupidity)
  • Victims of abuse are not weak. Quite the opposite, in fact
  • Overcoming the guilt of looking at an abusive relationship in hindsight – and the belief that causes it in the first place
  • Finding the balance of helping others (and giving in to that strong desire to benefit others) and not sacrificing yourself
  • How to figure out when you should help and when you should walk away (for both your sakes)
  • Learning to honor yourself enough to stop sacrificing yourself for the good of others (which is misguided and doesn’t truly help)