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  • #035 Control Freaks, Conception, Intuitive Eating and Being Too Hard On Oneself

#035 Control Freaks, Conception, Intuitive Eating and Being Too Hard On Oneself


This call is a bit of a mixed bag. The client’s main issue is that she’s trying to conceive, but the underlying problem was that she’s way too hard on herself and solves everything with discipline. We discussed a past addiction and the guilt left over from that, food (controlling it/dieting, the word’s food supply, organic vs. supermarket, the ethics of eating meat, etc.), and how all of this tied into having a baby.

This call is a bit longer than usual, but we covered so much, I didn’t dare cut anything out.


Topics covered on this call:

  • Trying to conceive for 4 years, but hasn’t had any luck
  • Her husband is overweight and is struggling with food addiction
  • She quit smoking but chews a lot of nicotine gum, which bothers her
  • She’s been diagnosed with a condition that could make conceiving very difficult
  • She has very high expectations of herself and beats up on herself a lot
  • She was addicted to alcohol and sedatives, but has overcome those addictions
  • She sees herself as being in need of “fixing”
  • What the nicotine gum chewing is all about (what’s it’s representative of)
  • What discipline really is and why it doesn’t really work
  • She feels a deep seeded need to control her environment – the gum, her husband’s weight, her food
  • Inspired healthy eating vs. eating healthy out of fear or protest
  • She eats well because she doesn’t want to support animal torture
  • What if everyone just focused on themselves? What if no one protested the slaughter houses?
  • Why she can eat organic and still actually be lining up with more unhappy animals
  • She has a hard time feeling good about food – why and how to turn that around
  • How to tell which foods are good for you (hint: it doesn’t involve researching anything on the internet)
  • Why you shouldn’t give too much credence to other people’s opinions about food
  • What about the big companies who are messing with our food supply?
  • How to relax about food so you can enjoy it again
  • Changing your diet in a way that’s not stressful
  • Why sacrificing for your health doesn’t actually serve you
  • Why denying yourself foods you like backfires and what to do instead
  • What she can do to help her husband lose weight, and what’s she’s currently doing that’s not helpful
  • How being a control freak is keeping her from getting pregnant
  • She feels guilt about having been an addict and having wasted all that time when she could’ve been getting pregnant
  • How to change a belief – a simple breakdown
  • Why her addiction wasn’t a sign of weakness and how it actually served her
  • Why I advocate eating an all-natural diet (it’s not because it’s the only healthy way to eat)
  • How we ruin exercising for ourselves and how to tap into true motivation
  • Tying it all together