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  • #036 Making Peace With Where You Are (Literally) And Creating Fabulous Wealth

#036 Making Peace With Where You Are (Literally) And Creating Fabulous Wealth


I think this is the best illustration I’ve ever published of how to shift your perspective on what seem like negative manifestations and become aware of how everything is actually working out. This client wants to create massive wealth, but is stuck on a horrible little island with seemingly no options. We dissect her resistance and she experiences a massive shift while making peace with where she is NOW, as well as acknowledging and focusing on the fabulousness that is already coming into her life. She learns how to allow her dreams to manifest and sees that she already has been doing just that, albeit in the most painful way.


Topics covered on this call

  • She’s always known that she’s supposed to be wealthy, but can’t seem to manifest it
  • She’s living on a “remote, horrible little island”, with no job, no opportunities and no way out
  • She’s a registered nurse, but had to give up her job due to transportation issues
  • There’s beautiful nature, but it rains almost all the time, so it’s hard to enjoy
  • She’s tried to look for positive aspects in her surroundings, but is having a hard time with that
  • Figuring out how she can stop pushing against where she is, so something that feels different to that can come into her reality
  • Visualizing 101 – don’t try to turn things that you don’t feel good about around. Focus on what already feels good (fine tuning exactly what you’re focusing on)
  • She can’t seem to find a job. Why not?
  • Admitting that her current actions are not aligned with her passion, and how she’s been settling for a long time
  • Seeing the perfection of her CURRENT situation, and how it’s actually leading her down the path of what she truly wants (albeit, kicking and screaming)
  • She needs to stop fighting against her desires
  • She patented an invention that has always felt really good to her, but which she’s put on the back burner for 10 years
  • Recognizing how her dreams are coming to fruition, so that she can stop fighting that (unknowingly) and get out of the way of her awesome manifestations
  • Taking an idea from the non-physical to the physical (and dealing with all the obstacles that come up along the way)
  • Why focusing directly on the money is rarely the best way to go, and can actually be quite detrimental to the energy flow
  • She’s impatient and can’t seem to stop worrying about how and when things will unfold
  • Recognizing and correctly interpreting her manifestations
  • She must make peace with where she is right now
  • The difference between making peace with where you are geographically and vibrationally (this is huge!)
  • Discovering that where she is right now (even geographically) is the PERFECT place for her right now and how it’s all helping her realize her dreams (total shift in perspective)
  • Making peace with her path – why did it have to be so hard and painful (it’s not because the Universe hates you)?
  • How our seemingly negative manifestations can actually be perfectly designed to help us overcome our fears
  • Can you appreciate where you are and still want to leave?
  • Cleaning up the resistance (getting into the nitty gritty of the fears that are coming up when she focuses on her dream)
  • How putting a time limit on your desires (I want it by…) almost always creates resistance and actually slows things down
  • The difference between action and “work”
  • If she has more than one idea and focuses on both, will that confuse the Universe?
  • The purpose of a backup plan, and how to approach it (and what NOT to do)