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#038 She Always Takes The Hardest Road


This client has a strong belief that nothing worth having comes easily. She always feels like she’s in battle mode, fighting her way through life. It seems that no matter what she does, her good mood is consistently ruined by others. Listen in as I help her shift her perspective, and give her tons of practical tips and techniques she can use to make her days way easier and more pleasant in a very short amount of time.


Topics covered on this call

  • She has a good theoretical understanding of LOA, but can’t seem to apply it successfully
  • She sets intentions in the morning, but a few minutes into the day, the little stuff just gets to her
  • Why trying to change your reaction to a situation doesn’t work and what you have to do instead
  • Her young son annoys her every morning by loudly waking everyone up while she’s in the shower and she doesn’t know why it bothers her so much
  • Figuring out her options by feeling her way through them
  • Should you fix things by taking action or through visualization?
  • She feels that constantly blocks herself from being happy
  • She tends to make everything harder than it needs to be
  • She actually looks for the most difficult path
  • Going through examples of how to find the easier options
  • Dealing with her stroppy teenager in the morning without letting it affect her happy vibration
  • She doesn’t feel like she’s 100% in control of her thoughts
  • What her kids are mirroring back to her (how she’s manifesting all the stuff that annoys her from the moment she wakes up)
  • Changing her morning routine so her day starts off with a different vibration (helping her get to a happier place and stabilize her there)
  • How to be more present, and why that helps so much
  • How we choose what mood to be in
  • How she’s giving control over her emotions to others, and how she can take it back
  • How she’s actually causing much of the grumpiness around her
  • She’s become quite bored at work, but she feels obligated to stay because they’ve been kind to her
  • She has no idea what she’d like to do instead
  • Sifting through the preferences that she’s already discovered regarding the job she really wants, so she knows what to focus on
  • How do we have to visualize in order to shift vibration?
  • What she can do to change how she’s feeling when she’s being triggered at work