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  • #040 She’s Tired of Blah Guys and Wants to Attract her Soul Mate

#040 She’s Tired of Blah Guys and Wants to Attract her Soul Mate


This call is Hot! Hot! Hot! The client is tired of dating BLAH men, and wants to attract someone she’s REALLY attracted to. Listen in as we bust through her resistance and get her aligned with yummy, sexy, awesome guys. We did such a good job, we were BOTH excited about men, in general, by the end of the call (they are pretty awesome). If you think you have to settle for something less than HOORAH!, or have been wondering where all the good ones are, this call is for you.

Oh, and men, don’t think this call isn’t valuable for you. Not only can you learn something about alignment, but you’ll get a huge ego boost out of hearing a long list of stuff women find sexy about you. Well, some women. Ok, the client. And me. I may have revealed a bit too much… You’re welcome.


Topics covered on this call

  • She broke up with her ex-boyfriend over a year and a half ago and is doing really well
  • She’s ready to be with the love of her life, but can’t seem to find him
  • She’s been dating, but there’s just no spark between her and the guys she’s meeting
  • She doesn’t want to be a bitch, so has trouble saying no to dates with men she’s not attracted to
  • She had attracted a wonderful man before, but her last breakup left her with a different vibration
  • She never got closure from her last relationship
  • How the mind messes us up by coming up with reasons for why someone broke up with us, in the absence of a concrete reason (like cheating, etc.)
  • Why men often break up with women in such “unsatisfying” ways
  • Figuring out what she actually wants in a guy, and what she’s been focusing on instead up until now
  • The difference between a minimum requirements list and a dream guy list
  • Aligning with SEXY guys (Hot! Hot! Hot!)
  • Exercises she can do to help her further line up with an awesome, sexy guy
  • Why focusing on past guys in order to manifest a new guy isn’t generally a good idea (and how to do it the right way)
  • “Flipping” your focus – using the qualities you don’t like to figure out and focus on what you do like
  • How often does she need to do her visualization exercises?
  • How we often  mess up our vibration when focusing on the opposite sex
  • Why men are awesome (good feeling rant!)