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  • #041 He Wants A Baby: The Male Perspective

#041 He Wants A Baby: The Male Perspective


Think only women freak out about not being able to have kids? This time, we get the male perspective on the torturous process that trying to get pregnant can become. With all new metaphors and insights! And, as always, the processes discussed can be applied to any subject!


Topics covered on this call

  • He and his wife have been unsuccessfully trying for a baby for over 5 years
  • They’re tried various methods, including IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
  • There’s no physical reason for why they cannot have children, but it still isn’t happening
  • All their friends are having babies, which makes it even worse
  • Connecting him to the core desire (why he wants a baby)
  • How he’s messing up his point of attraction in each current moment (the only time that matters)
  • The horrific spiral that people get caught in when they try to have kids (and can’t for a while)
  • Why he hasn’t lined up with a child yet – what he’s currently “broadcasting” vibrationally
  • An easy way to tell exactly where your current vibration is at
  • When it might be more beneficial to NOT visualize having a baby
  • The frequency you want to emanate in order to line up with having a child
  • A full explanation of exactly why thinking that you’ll be happy in the future if you get something that you don’t currently have is totally counterproductive
  • How going to IVF can actually make things worse from an LOA point of view
  • What to consider if you are going to do IVF
  • How to get into the feeling of enjoying the current situation and the anticipation of what’s coming
  • Does he need his wife to join him in the LOA work in order for him to manifest a reality with a baby?
  • Shifting the pain that comes when he and his wife see other couples with their kids
  • Applying the baby advice to other areas of his life